! Congrats to Trevor Bayne! What a race!

! Congrats to Trevor Bayne! What a race! Legendary! #nascar


#TonyStewart memories, ten years later.

#TonyStewart memories, ten years later. People forget Tony’s wreck was 28 laps before #DaleSr.’s. Eerie. #nascar #Daytona http://ow.ly/3VflB

9:52 in #Boise. Sun shining brightly and

9:52 in #Boise. Sun shining brightly and it’s already 40 degrees out! YAY!

Dead smell coming from neighbors house.

Dead smell coming from neighbors house. Called the cops. He’s taken up taxidermy and was microwaving a frozen squirrel… Roadkill. #gross.

Is this a new, up and coming Off Road co

Is this a new, up and coming Off Road competitor from Boise? http://ow.ly/3StAF


WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Steelers!

Right on! We have a game!

Right on! We have a game!