“I think I am on to sumpthin” I say.
“Boogity…BOOgity…BOOGITY!!” D.W. says…

…all sorts of thoughts are going through my mind as it turns and churns over this gigantic life decision…

1. I can get ordained on line for FREE on the internet.
2. I could marry people at races.
3. I could perform baptisms.
4. I could perform funerals.
5. I could get a tv ministry and make a BUTTLOAD of money.
6. This might even be LEGAL.
7. I am fairly sure that I am going to offend someone with all this.

***WE are still making up and adding to the creed and bylaws of the Church…also known by the acronym COTGO.*** PLEASE FEEL FREE to continue to add you comments or email us . MORE LATAH!!!!
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