Bristle at Bristol

Well, last night was the Bristol race. Bristol seems to bring out the worst in everyone. Drivers…crews…EVERYONE. Top it off with the added fuel of the fact that there are only 2 more races before the Chase.
I thought there was going to be an issue between Jeff Gordon and Brian Vickers. Now I am not a Gordon groupie. I am not a fan at all in fact. I think he a Whiner. I can’t stand his nasally little man-voice. When he is whining with his whiney sounding voice , it makes it doubley grating to my ears. His voice makes me bristle. I hate whining. From anyone. BUT, in fairness to #24, he is one HELL of a good driver…he has had a bad year and it is not his fault. I found myself actually rooting for him last night. He deserves to be in the Chase. I am glad he is only a few points out now. I want him in the Chase. He needs to be in the Chase. Great racers are what it is all about, and he is that. Brian Vickers is one of those young driver’s that I believe is headed somewhere big. I am glad they worked it out. I was sad at the fact that they are teammates, Gordon was on a roll, and Vickers wouldn’t give it up. My bow to your elder’s mentality I guess.
I also love the fact that Brian Vickers doesn’t bow and that he is aggressive and does what he feels he needs to do for HIMSELF. If it would have been Kurt Busch or Robbie Gordon that he won’t give in to, then I would be on my feet and cheering. Figure that out. I LOVE THIS SPORT.
Carl Edwards got a talking to from Kyle Petty on live TV. I sure was wishing I could read lips…when Edwards turned away and Kyle put his hand on his shoulder, I thought UH-OH!! But as it turned out it was a fatherly touch…like a Daddy when the rebellious teenager isn’t listening and tries to avoid the conversation, Kyle hooked him around the neck with that Fatherly hug thing and kept talking and in the end they were smiling. Your very good Carl. Listen to your Elders.
Then there was the Dale Jarrett and Ryan Newman issue. OUCH. That just plain sucked. I hate it when Jarrett is upset. I love him (NOT AS MUCH AS YOU TONY, so don’t worry). Dale Jarrett should be in the Chase. I HOPE…he is like riding a roller coaster…up then down….and up….and down…I am praying for you Dale. We want you in there. You deserve it. YOU can DO IT. I JUST KNOW IT. You are greatly loved in this house. I can prove it. Look at our walls… (if you noticed the above picture, it is in the LIVING ROOM…and it is not a picture. It is a FLAG. A huge FLAG…
which brings me to the reason I said Bristol brings out the worst in Everyone.
I am going to write this in Green. Green is the color of healing…abundance…and the Super food Ogwalla…super blue green algae with lots of veggies in it. Mmmm, that is what I need right now. Food for my brain.
Bristol also brought out the worst in my life partner. I HATE IT when that happens. My Dale happens to be Dale Jarrett’s #1 fan. So…because Jarrett was upset and moody and refused an interview with the press, my Dale became moody and refused an interview with me. Not a good thing because my interview was in regards to decorating the Church of the Great Oval. The picture of the flag above is NOTHING. This place is the Church of the Great Oval. We also have a 1992 Blue Bird Bus. The Future Home of The Church of the Great Oval. It will be this color purple. It is now this color blue. Which brings me back to what I was talking about. I need to paint the kitchen. I need to put some of his thousands of Nascar car’s (which are very expensive BIG BOY toys, like hot wheels but bigger, and made in platinum and gold) up on top of the plant shelves that engulf our home. My sweet Man for some reason, thinks I am not capable of climbing up on a ladder and doing it myself. He is afraid I will get hurt. Now I am 47 years old, raised 4 daughters on my own and had been single from 1984 until 2002 when I met him. I hate to break the news to him, BUT I have climbed a few ladders in my life. I built a 3 story tree house by myself. And it was cool…built in benches and railings. Not your ordinary tree house. A GODDESS treehouse. I need to have these cars moved because guess where they are stacked up, because the collection is growing and growing? MY OFFICE. My studio. I now have about a 4×4 ft space to work in and it’s getting smaller. There ain’t no room for me to make any money there…I am an artist. I have thousands and thousands of gemstones and jewelry findings. Files…with paperwork important to my buisness. My space is being claimed by his stuff. ( His stuff was here before me. I was actually the one who claimed the space when I moved in.) But I had a deadline (Sept 1st) and here we are. It is still there and I want to climb the ladder. This is about power and control and who’s gonna win here. Bristol. By the end of the week it will be forgotton. Blame it on Bristol.


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  1. Ok, I am going to say something a bit blasphemous here. I am ummm… not a NASCAR fan in particular, but I like your blog. Weird, I know. Ok, that aside, I really can’t stand Jeff Gordon. Cuz you’re right, he’s a whiner.

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