California Speedway

My #1 fan of the #88 car just called me from California Speedway. I was outside working in the yard, so I didn’t hear the phone. My Dale is a “Man’s Man” when he is with “the boys”. I generally don’t hear from him until he comes home with his “racin stories”,and then I nurse him back to health after days of too much fun, drinking, sun and not much sleep. There was no message but my voice mail cuts people off a lot. No biggie.He has been stressed over the vacation issues so he has been very cranky.We have been fighting a little bit.
I was very surprised at the call. My immediate thought was” Oh how sweet!! He is actually taking the time to call me ! My next thought was ” SHIT! he’s probably in jail.” (He has never been to jail,but I would not be surprised considering who he is down there with.) I went into all the other romantic reasons he might be calling me for…just to say hi…just to hear your voice…what gift do you want me to bring…just wanted you to know I was thinking about you…so with hearts of romance all swirling in my head, I call him back …just to tell him thanks for calling me…I love this guy so much.
He answers the phone after 5 rings and says: “WHAT’S UP?”
I say:” Hi Honey! I was outside when you called, sorry.., I wasn’t expecting a call from you. Whacha doin?”
He stammers, hems and haws and says: “I was calling Kevin and accidently called you so I just hung up.
“That’s my boy…”


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