New Nascar Team?

When I am rich and have millions of dollars that I can just throw around without concern, I am going to form my own Nascar Team. My own racing enterprise. Why would I do that? Because…I love Kenny Wallace. His Laugh. His personality. He feeds my spirit. Sings to my Soul. I think he is The Doll of all dolls. I would buy him cars. A helicopter so he didn’t have to depend on his brother’s . I would offer him a lifetime contract and pay him so much money he couldn’t refuse. Any thing he wanted he could have. His ringing laughter would make my day every time I was around him. I would call him just to hear his laugh. He’s a Good Guy…loves his wife…loves his kids…loves his family and friends and his job. He is just IT as far as a being a Real Human Being as humans should be.
You can tell a lot about a person by how much they laugh. I make it a point to find something funny every day. Kenny’s laugh is uplifting and real. He is a natural goofhead. How can anyone ever resist him? He is the kind of guy, that in my book, I could never say no to.
Seriously, I am not be facetious. There is only one person in the world who’s laugh has affected me like Kenny’s.
The Dalai Lama. And that is the Truth.


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