I am posting the Driver’s who have the most positive aspects today and who astrologically have the best chances of doing very well…

Personal Daily Horoscopes
9 October 2005

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971
Theme: Refinement
At its highest, this influence denotes a refined spirituality, with a total lack of selfishness and a feeling of complete soul-union with others. At its worst, you might be disappointed in a loved one who did not live up to your expectations, which were probably unrealistic in the first place. Daydreaming, probably the most common effect of this influence, is usually harmless and pleasant as long as you are aware of reality. You will experience a refined sense of beauty and a desire to have your surroundings be as harmonious as possible. However, you are not in a practical frame of mind and should postpone anything that requires good judgement. as far as relationships or finances.

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Theme: Pleasant impressions
This is one of the most favorable influences for personal achievement. You can readily express yourself and will comminicate well with anyone. You will be able to discuss any tensions that exist without difficulty. This is also a day when you may meet a new friend. It is a good time for any necessary new encounters because the environment favors pleasant impressions.

Mark Martin, born 9 January 1959
Theme: In need of response
This is a good time to clarify and explain an issue to someone with whom you are associated in daily life, It is also good for consulting a specialist on any matter that concerns you. You should not think and plan alone or unassisted today. You need another person’s consciousness and response to your ideas and statements in order to get a clear perspective on your thoughts. Together you will be able to accomplish much more than either of you could separately.

Greg Biffle, born 23 December 1969
Theme: A critical eye
During this time you are concerned with one area that others might consider rather abstract, and that is your identity. Although you may sense a bit of personal isolation, this influence does give you the advantage of a sharp, critical eye. You can see what is wrong with a situation immediately and make the necessary changes to correct it then and there. But don’t dwell on the flaws, just note and correct them.

Jeremy Mayfield, born 27 May 1969
Theme:Be yourself
You need to be yourself now. In your relations with others, you will project much more emotionally than usual, and some people do not like this side of you. You may feel it necessary to reconsider your relationship with them. You may be so wrapped up in your own feelings that you are unaware of the other’s feelings. Your experiences with them will very likely show you a great deal about yourself in a positive way.

Carl Edwards, born 15 August 1979
Theme: Your point of view
This is a good time for expressing your point of view to people. You are able to put a great deal of yourself into whatever you say, so it is somehow more authentically yourself speaking. At the same time, you have the capacity to examine yourself with somewhat greater objectivity and detachment than usual. Your mind will be more active, and it is important to keep it occupied with useful projects, because you can accomplish a great deal with your mind at this time. Often with this influence you will have a strong urge to get out and travel, although not usually for long distances. This is fine if it is convenient and you feel like it – you could encounter rather profitable and interesting experiences. Usually this is a good time to be involved in negotiations or contract discussions of any kind.

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972
Theme: Something transcendental
This influence deepens the emotions and creates a greater need to belong to an individual or to a group. Friendships are extremely important to you today, and they may change your life. All relationships are more intense. This is a good time to try to understand your emotions and how they affect your relationships. Today you can enrich and enhance a relationship as you realize the strength of your feelings, in a moment when you experience the full force of your emotion. Certainly any emotion that you feel today will have extraordinary force and vigor. No experience under this influence is superficial, nor would you be satisfied with any that was.

Kurt Busch, born 4 August 1978
Theme: With a critical eye
This is a good time to look around with a critical eye and see what needs to be changed or corrected in your environment. You are very conscious of the flaws in everything you look at. Your mind is on serious concerns, and although you are not likely to feel depressed or to have other negative feelings, you are not attracted to frivolity or lighthearted either. In this mood you can be either a teacher or one who is taught, perhaps in a formal classroom situation or just in an informal discussion among friends. You respect people who have more experience than you do, and you are likely to turn to them for advice. Or someone else may cast you in this role and come to you for help.


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