NASCAR Caps? NASCAR and Rupert are what I want to know about.

I am going to interject my opinion on capping Teams in NASCAR in a bit different way. I will tell you what I see coming, and have seen for a long time.
Competition is tough. Money pays for the best of the best and the world revolves, whether we like it or not, around money and what it can bring into the picture. NASCAR rules guard against unfair advantages in the technical aspects of performance. Sure, NASCAR can cap the teams, however, if Roush Racing or Hendrick Motor Sports want to fund more cars….there will be a way to do it….we all know that.
I watch what Rupert Murdock is doing a lot. I will invest in just about anything that has his name even remotely involved. Why? Because…everything Rupert Murdock touches turns to gold.
In the world of Satellite Broadcasting,there are two “biggies”. Rupert Murdock owns EchoStar Communications Corporation which owns Dish Network. He tried to acquire DirecTVunder EchoStar. The FCC denied the application, citing a monopoly. Mr. Murdock then went ahead and acquired DirecTV under News Corporation (News Corp) which he owned as an Australian entity (News Corp also owns Fox) and then filed for the Australian Entity of News Corporation to be a publicly traded US entity and was approved. Different Companies same basic owner. ( Roush? Hendricks? Cap them?…right.) He got what he wanted. He owns DirecTV and Dish Network & Fox just to name a few. Think about this…Fox has the rights to how many NASCAR races? While we all quibble about who owns how many cars, and what is fair…Mr. Murdock moves right along…his hands are right there for everyone to see….and his fingerprints are all over the cars. He isn’t even being sneaky about it. Think about the Star Wars Movies being promoted on the cars. Promoted by NASCAR… “News Corporation has released three of the top five best-performing motion pictures of all time: Star Wars, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and Titanic. The programs produced by News Corporation’s television studios swept last year’s Emmy Awards, and the Company has remained the number one producer of primetime series on American television.” Who is the “owner ” of all those rights? 20th Century Fox. News Corp. Rupert Murdock.
Think about this…DirecTV has exclusive rights to NFL SUNDAY TICKET -$239. MLB EXTRA INNINGS- the price for next season is not set yet. NBA LEAGUE PASS $169, ESPN GamePlan $119, ESPN FULL COURT $99, MLS DIRECT KICK $69, NHL CENTER ICE $129. They recently added 2 new sports subscriptions. BARKLAYS ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE (world class soccer)$299 and SENTANTA SPORTS, no price yet ( European and international football and other sports broadcasts) Mega March Madness, price not set yet, “supplements CBS Sports’ broadcast of the NCAA® Men’s Division I tournament’s first 3 rounds, coverage you can’t see anywhere else”. Hmmm….Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey…world class international sports…HD broadcasts, many found only on DirecTV. Hmmm… News Corp owns Fox owns SPEED Channel.
Wonder what’s in the works for the next, big, very expensive sports subscription.
I can just see it…NASCAR- RACE TO THE CHASE $599.00 split into 4 payments. NASCAR has a higher fan base than NFL now. It is the most popular sport in the nation these days. So go ahead and keep fussing about how much money the “BIG” teams are spending to win races. Networks are going to be renegotiating rights again in the future. It’s a bidding system. He who has the most money wins. NASCAR makes the decision. We don’t have to worry tho…NASCAR doesn’t care about money. Neither does Rupert Murdock. He doesn’t have to.
Please Time-Warner-Gods… save us.


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