In regards to my previous post about the guy who took it upon himself to be the official spokesman of the Nascar Dads. A REAL NASCAR DAD, a GOOD NASCAR DAD, the kind of guy a NASCAR DAD should be, contacted me through a comment and email . He called my attention to a very disturbing picture of a sculpture that depicted NASCAR Dads.

Frank said… (
“Hey, just thought I’d let you know that I liked your site and some of your articles. I too am spewing bits of stuff into the internet on Nascar related topics. My site is called “The Nascar Dad” but I don’t claim to be the only Nascar Dad :)Since I found you I wanted to get your opinion on something. I found a very disturbing picture today of a sculpture titled “Nascar Dad”. It’s a sculpture of a man and his boy dressed in KKK outfits with racing suit type patches all over them. It really bothered me. Do you think I should be upset about this? I realize art is intended to elicit a response (negative or positive) but this really bothered me. Just thought I’d ask for a second opinion. I’m planning on writing an article about my feelings on the subject.”
Every couple of years, someonecomes up with a new demographic that will be critical in the next election. Soccer moms and office-park dads were all-the-rage, but the last election, NASCAR dads got the attention. The whole point of labeling these groups was to isolate constituencies that were willing to back either party’s candidates. The key of labeling is to find an easily identifiable group that a party can reach out to and whose votes are up for grabs. NASCAR dads, were supposedly married, working class white guys, between the ages of 30 and 50, with limited education who live outside of big cities. They identify with the GOP on social issues (abortion, gay rights, government-sponsored religion, guns), but may be open to Dems on economic concerns (job security, health care, education, union rights).That was where the term NASCAR Dads came from.
The artist portrays the NASCAR DAD as a KKK member with Viagra and Cialis patches on the on the Knights Templar type hooded robes. He compares NASCAR Dads with the KKK .
“NASCAR Dad We are still a divided nation.
One of the groups is the NASCAR Dads. This group is still in some sort of rapture about the South. NASCAR types have corporate logos all over their clothing and of course, they are good fathers.”
He goes on to point out in his note “The KKK outfits were modeled exactly after the Knights Templar who participated in the Crusades. The KKK was an insurgency that was a winked at way of keeping blacks terrorized for 100 shameful years until they were called on their behavior by the civil rights movement. There is still more work to be done.”
I am sure that in some way, this artist thought he was deeply touching and helping to stop Racism and call attention to the corrupt corporate world. I took a look at some of his other works and read his writings. He writes about a theory of his called: “Mike’s Racehorse Theory of Art”. His metaphor relates how a racehorse is happy to run around the track, get a good rubdown when he is done, put his nose into a bag of oats, and lay down in a nice warm paddock, just as an artist just wants to create with whatever media he wants to use. They are both just wanting to BE…bladedeblablabla. I don’t think he’s been around to many race horses. They are generally not to content because they are so hopped up on drugs. It is also a sickening thing to see those horses pushed as they are in training. To see a 3 yr be put down because of a horrible muscle tear, a break in the leg or neck in a fall is not a pretty site. The term to”pee like a race horse” is relating to the drugs ( like LASIX) they are put on to dehydrate them. Pull the fluids from their system prior to a race. They can run faster that way. Butolbitol or But (pronounced beaut) is a pain killer and anti-anxiety agent. Great Life….
He compares how the group of artists represented by an art dealer is called a “gallery stable of artists”. Well this is all I have to say…
That is what the pimps call the prostitutes they “take care of” too.
I do agree with him on one point…there is more work to be done…

Take a look at a REAL NASCAR DAD. Frank’s post regarding the sculpture is well thought out, intelligent and sensitive.


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