NASCAR – Time to Defrag

To the Powers that be at NASCARPlease select the drive you wish to defrag:

1. the heart C://NASCAR/drivers/tracks/heart
2. the mind C://NASCAR/France/rule changes/the mind
3. the soul C://NASCAR/FANS/the soul

If only it were that simple…
There are some points and issues these days where NASCAR is found shattered into pieces. Thoughts and feelings fragmented all over the Net mindscape, a puzzle of emotions of the Owners, Drivers and Fans. Defragmenting the NASCAR puzzle is nothing that can be done as easily as defragging a hard disk with a predefined algorithm. There are some files that need cleaning, rearranged and deleted. The system is beginning to bog up. Run slow. The are some time out issues. Error messages.

Marty Smith says “Blame is a subjective term more often than not, especially in a world of overblown political correctness where covering one’s own kiester ranks far higher on the priority scale than owning up and accepting responsibility.”
Marty also says he fears the following, when discussing NASCAR:

Alliance of

In other words: cars going in circles. ”

NASCAR needs to take a cue from the High Tech world:
If you create and delete a huge number of files, your hard drive may become fragmented to the point that you may see a slight slow-down of file system performance.It should not normally be necessary to defragment your hard disk frequently.
Another thing to consider is that the defragmenting process generally results in a huge amount of disk activity, due to the amount of data being incrementally transferred. Some disk defragmenting software packages also cannot completely recover, if a critical portion of data on the hard disk should be in “transit” when the software fails, you may run the risk of losing that specific file, or all data on your hard drive.

Hopefully the Lowes fiasco will never be repeated. I wish we could delete that little file and start all over with a new one. I am glad, once again, that no one died.



  1. Saturday’s Cup race and Friday’s Busch race were both a cluster-fuck.

    Love Marty Smith. I’d wear one of his T-shirts if it came in a v-neck.

    So, what’s the scopes on the boys for Martinsville???

  2. Great post Miss Clance’!

  3. Hey Clance! I wanted to let you know that the artist of that Nascar Dad sculpture has posted a rebuttal you might want to read.

    I have also linked to your website from mine. Would you care to exchange links?

  4. **lol** He obviously did not read my blog post…only the comment I left on your blog.
    Of course I want to exchange links. YOU ROCK!!

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