NASCAR Astro Forecast for Martinsville

This is the time of the week to find out which Driver has a good horoscope for the race and who has a horror-scope. Mr. Busch…sorry…once again you get the prize for the Driver with the best horrorscope. Mark Martin, finally had some great aspects surrounding him. Sorry Rusty. You are right. It is time to retire. Ryan Newman is looking good. This is a power year for him as it is with Tony Stewart. Jimmy is learning a lot, and wants the Championship so bad it may mess him up. Carl is learning a lot. He’s going to be a champion some day. So is Greg Biffle. Emotional Year for Matt Kenseth.
I still say it’s Tony’s year , although he is going to have to fight for it. In the long run I believe it will come down to Tony, Ryan and Jimmy by a few points , right down to the very last race. Then the winner will be:
#20 Home Depot Car and Driver Tony Stewart.
I am not just saying that because he’s my Driver. It’s meant to be.

Here are the Personal Horoscopes for all 10 Cup Chase Driver’s —Martinsville :

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975: Today may be surprising to you, or your actions may surprise others. You will act in ways that are completely out of accord with your habits. Actions directed at breaking free are not a bad thing, as long as you are really trying to liberate yourself, but if this tendency is carried to excess you may be simply headstrong, impulsive and rash. ****

Rusty Wallace, born 14 August 1956: Be especially careful not to speak or otherwise communicate from purely egotistic motives. Make your point and let it go at that, because chances are your statement will have enough energy to be effective without making a controversy of it. If you do turn it into a controversy, you will encounter opposition from people who are similarly inclined, and communication will grind to a halt. Do not try to defend any ideas that are clearly shown to be invalid. ****

Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977: This is a good day to please yourself. The harsh realities of the everyday world do not appeal to you today. You may be quite popular today, as the magnetism of this influence attracts other people to you. Your relationships with men are likely to be better than those with women today, but both will be good. In either case, you will find that your own self confidence and luck are inexplicably enhanced by this influence. ****

Mark Martin, born 9 January 1959: This is an excellent time for getting things done. You are in an orderly state of mind and have a strong sense of self-discipline. You carefully consider every move before acting. You make plans at a very concrete level and insist that it be possible to execute them in the practical universe. You are not interested in idealistic speculations or abstract considerations that cannot be applied in daily life. All matters relating to work or your profession are favored by this influence, precisely because of your orderly mental state. Any tasks that you do today will be very carefully done with no loose ends. It is possible that your serious and attentive attitude to your work will attract the attention of your employer or other persons in authority whom you encounter. ****

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971: The requirements of the professional world today are higher than ever. Substantiated knowledge, proficiency and flexibility are demanded. In this world, it is helpful to know one’s professional competence and limitations well in order to avoid feeling swamped or burned out. At this time you have to deal with your own hurt feelings – either you are reminded of old wounds by some incident, or a sore point is disturbed again. Maybe you feel a little weak and are conscious of a certain aversion to handling the usual everyday interchanges – a feeling as if you were coming down with flu. If you now have the need to be alone, then that is what you should do. If you make too many demands on yourself or if you are not left in peace, you may become hurtful to others – as a result of a certain indifference. Fortunately, this influence lasts at most half a day.
Then All is Well. ****

Greg Biffle, born 23 December 1969: Today you desire experience and activity. It will not be enough to stay in exactly the same place you have been. But instead of making you dissatisfied, as might be expected, this desire makes you go after what you want, with complete optimism that you will get it. It is very important today that you act with a firm sense of discipline and not simply indulge every compulsive whim that comes along. Take on the projects that you can handle plus a little extra, but not very much extra. ****

Jeremy Mayfield, born 27 May 1969: You may feel a little like showing off, which cannot do any harm in moderation. But whatever you try to show others about your strength, independence and ability to lead, it is clear that today you need others, and you are quite aware of it. Do not try to delude other people about that. They will respect you for being honest, and of course, people like to feel needed. The old line that “No man is an island” has real meaning for you today. If nothing else, you need others to “show off” to, and you need not fear that showing off will alienate people. Unless you are an insufferable braggart to begin with, it will not have that effect at all. ****

Carl Edwards, born 15 August 1979: This influence deepens the emotions and creates a greater need to belong to an individual or to a group. Friendships are extremely important to you today, and they may change your life. This is a good time to try to understand your emotions and how they affect your relationships. Today you can enrich and enhance a relationship as you realize the strength of your feelings, in a moment when you experience the full force of your emotion. Certainly any emotion that you feel today will have extraordinary force and vigor. No experience under this influence is superficial, nor would you be satisfied with any that was. ****

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972: This is a two-day period when personal and subjective considerations will override everything else, but it need not be difficult. First of all, you feel a great need to belong and to relate to your friends or loved ones. This need turns on your emotional sensors and makes you very sensitive to the feelings and moods of the people around you, because you want to fall in with their rhythms and become sympathetic with them. This is the unconscious sign of relating to a group. Thus you are emotionally right there whenever someone needs your sympathy, warmth and understanding. You are very concerned about yourself, which is fine, but don’t distort this into a state of mind in which you cannot see anybody else’s point of view. Objectivity, especially in dealing with others, may be difficult to come by now. ****

Kurt Busch, born 4 August 1978: Your influence’s usually signifies a day of great activity in several areas of your life. You feel a great need to exercise your will and to determine where you are going and what you are doing. Often this is a day of hard work in your profession. But you will be motivated by tasks that relate to your own personal objectives. Therefore this can also be a day of conflict with others, arising from what they consider your selfishness and excessive self- involvement . As you pursue your own goals you may come into conflict with another whose goals are not in harmony with yours. You must continually remember the people around you and be very careful not to alienate them any more than necessary. ****

And so it goes…


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  1. So, it sounds like my Kenseth is going to piss off another member of his team this weekend by not giving the 5 points or something like that. Go Matt, you make them race for every point!!!
    Or him and future teammate McMurray will get into it again! LOL…
    I think Tony has this one wrapped up this weekend, he’s still pissed from last weekend.

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