MARTINSVILLE – Road signs and New Streets.

It was so nice to see my Tony is such fine true to form “his old self” humor was just shining today.
He used such illustrative words…

“NO wonder Kevin Harvick wanted to KILL him so many times…IDIOT…IDIOT…IDIOT…If I saw him right now I would strangle him….IDIOT…They ought to name streets after him…DEAD END…one way…IDIOT…” or something along those lines. I lost count of how many times he called him an idiot. Of course the obligatory” We’re friend’s …we play poker together” was thrown in there. Greg Biffle only wanted ” 6 feet of room”, he said. He didn’t understand why Tony was crowding him…he acknowleged the poker games too. Glad they are such good buddies.
It was a great race. A chase it is.
I am rooting for Tony Stewart like a banshee, but I was glad it was a Hendricks car who won the race. The tragedy for the Hendricks family at Martinsville is an eternal staggering loss. I am glad it was the #24 car and not the #48 car in light of my predictions for The Chase.
It’s Tony’s year.



  1. I want my Antonio back…here’s the info you are seeking in exchange:

    Re: Video’s on your blog…there are sites out there that have the html codes already for the videos. Most of them are full of pop-under ads that are annoying. But you can find some good music there.
    Here are a few:

    Just copy paste the html code into your post. Most are auto-start.

    Okay, so it was kinda good to see a Hendrick win, but it would have been better to see Tony, Matt or Elliott win. And I am not a fan of whiny little Jeffie. It would have been cool to see Vickers win, I think I like him best out of their group. Plus, he was so close to Ricky.
    Anyway, Atlanta baby!!!!! IROC race too…hoping Matt or Mark wins it…
    Can I have Antonio back now? I need a back rub…..

  2. To anyone that may be concerned:
    I kidnapped Bab’s Doc from the nut house she resides in. His name is Doc Antonio and I wanted a back rub. I released him unharmed after she gave me the requested information that was the ransom. He is safe and sound and she is still posting…Go see her. She recieves visitors on occasion.

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