NASCAR Driver’s may develop Phobias after Martinsville

A phobia is a one time experience that develops into an unreasonable neurotic fear. There were several incidents at Martinsville that may or may not create real phobias in a few NASCAR drivers. The main phobias that I am concerned are the double-incident experiences that create multi-phobic disorders in individuals. I think it is my moral duty to alert all driver’s and fans alike, of the future possibilities of manifestation within the NASCAR Driver’s and the NASCAR organization itself.
Let me familiarize you with the definitions of these phobias. I do not feel the need to go into all the symptoms, as some are self descriptive.

1. Dystychiphobia: The fear of accidents.
2. Ochophobia: The fear of being in a moving vehicle.
3. Amaxophobia: The fear of driving a car.
4. Dextrophobia: The fear of being hit on the right side of the body or the right side of a vehicle.
5. Scotomaphobia: The fear of blindness in a visual field.
6. Tropophobia or Metathesiophobia: The fear of making changes while moving.
7. Arsonphobia or Pyrophobia: The fear of catching fire.
8. Atomosophobia:The fear of Atomic Explosions.
9. Octophobia: Fear of the number 8.

I also have specific concerns about specific Driver’s. I see some signs that there may already be phobic behaviors going on in several of them.

Scott Wimmer is showing classic signs of Mythophobia, the fear of hearing stories about yourself. He could be at risk of developing Hobophobia, the fear of being a beggar. Hope he finds a ride soon. If he doesn’t he will definitely develop Nostophobia, the fear of returning home.

Kyle Petty is showing signs of Koinoniphobia. The fear of rooms. His answer to question # 4 of Rodmans 10 question interview is a clear warning sign.

Mark Martin already suffers from Paralipophobia, the fear of neglecting duty or responsibility. I personally believe he also suffers from Kakorrhaphiophobia and Athazagoraphobia, the fear of failure and being ignored. That’s just my opinion. He obviously does not have to be concerned about developing a fear of NASCAR showing favortism when it comes to slapping fines for aggressive driving.

Dale Jr. is showing signs of Soteriophobia, the fear of developing dependence on another.

Kurt Busch, who has suffered from Anuptaphobia, the fear of being single forever, should never really have worried about that. The guy is rich. He should have worried or developed a healthy Paralipophobia. Paid a little more attention to Mark Martin. Life tends to work out better in the fan arena that way.

Tony Stewart has suffered for some time from Xyrophobia, the fear of razors. He seems to be getting a handle on it once in awhile now. I am glad he is doing better. It must be that he knows ALL the other Drivers are suffering from Eisoptrophobia-Onomatophobia, the fear of a certain name coming up behind them in a mirror.

I think I have now developed Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.



  1. Another major NASCAR fan I see along with Babs. We lived a couple houses away from Randy LaJoise.

  2. Can I come visit?? **lol**

  3. It wouldn’t be any last name that begins with Gordon, would it? There are 2 of them out there…I hate when either of them get anywhere near Matt and yell at the TV for them to get away from my boy.
    Well, at least they didn’t grove the Atlanta track…I don’t think they did. Goddess, I hope not. I’m tired of these wreck fests and want some racing!!
    Go Matt, Elliott and Tony!!!
    Do we get to see their scopes tomorrow?
    Matt and Mark are in the IROC race too….

  4. ‘Scopes are always posted day before the race. The suspense just kills us all!

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