Nascar Predictions

Well, I was pretty on the mark this week….Tony is still in the lead…Carl Edwards did very well ( WOW !! DID HE!! ) and Matt Kenseth overcame what ever he needed to. Mark Martin overcame his apathy and was in a FAB mood today…did you see his eyes sparkling? That was a neat thing to see. He always seems so…well…like…DEPRESSED… to me. I think he just needed to make the decision to stay on in 2006. Now that he has stopped procrastinating the retirement decision, he seem s to be happy again. Congrats on that IROC Championship!!

Ok…I was wrong on one prediction. Sorry Kurt…it’s all my fault. I pumped you up and let you down.
Ok… now I am lying. It was not my fault, I did nothing but interpret the stars. I did not have the correct latitude and longitude or Creation Data (where? what time were they made?) for the tire to factor them in. If that tire would not have blown I believe you would have won. REALLY. It’s kinda good for your ego tho, to be pretty much out of the picture tho. No one’s stars are that good two years in a row….you ate your allotted amount of bowls full of Lucky Charms for 2004 and 2005 last year.



  1. Plus, I think with Kurt…you have to add the big ear factor to the charts somehow. Are we sure he was even born on this planet? Those Spock ears indicate his latitude and longitude may be off this planet. Yep, he already had his Lucky Charms. Someone else’s turn this time.
    I need to tell Matt not speed on pit road and to speed on the track instead.
    And I give Carl a 10 for that back flip today. He nailed the landing, unlike earlier this year.

  2. Are you collecting those matchbox cars as well from Lucky Charms? LOL!

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