NASCAR Astro Forecast for Martinsville

This is the time of the week to find out which Driver has a good horoscope for the race and who has a horror-scope. Mr. Busch…sorry…once again you get the prize for the Driver with the best horrorscope. Mark Martin, finally had some great aspects surrounding him. Sorry Rusty. You are right. It is time to retire. Ryan Newman is looking good. This is a power year for him as it is with Tony Stewart. Jimmy is learning a lot, and wants the Championship so bad it may mess him up. Carl is learning a lot. He’s going to be a champion some day. So is Greg Biffle. Emotional Year for Matt Kenseth.
I still say it’s Tony’s year , although he is going to have to fight for it. In the long run I believe it will come down to Tony, Ryan and Jimmy by a few points , right down to the very last race. Then the winner will be:
#20 Home Depot Car and Driver Tony Stewart.
I am not just saying that because he’s my Driver. It’s meant to be.

Here are the Personal Horoscopes for all 10 Cup Chase Driver’s —Martinsville :

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975: Today may be surprising to you, or your actions may surprise others. You will act in ways that are completely out of accord with your habits. Actions directed at breaking free are not a bad thing, as long as you are really trying to liberate yourself, but if this tendency is carried to excess you may be simply headstrong, impulsive and rash. ****

Rusty Wallace, born 14 August 1956: Be especially careful not to speak or otherwise communicate from purely egotistic motives. Make your point and let it go at that, because chances are your statement will have enough energy to be effective without making a controversy of it. If you do turn it into a controversy, you will encounter opposition from people who are similarly inclined, and communication will grind to a halt. Do not try to defend any ideas that are clearly shown to be invalid. ****

Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977: This is a good day to please yourself. The harsh realities of the everyday world do not appeal to you today. You may be quite popular today, as the magnetism of this influence attracts other people to you. Your relationships with men are likely to be better than those with women today, but both will be good. In either case, you will find that your own self confidence and luck are inexplicably enhanced by this influence. ****

Mark Martin, born 9 January 1959: This is an excellent time for getting things done. You are in an orderly state of mind and have a strong sense of self-discipline. You carefully consider every move before acting. You make plans at a very concrete level and insist that it be possible to execute them in the practical universe. You are not interested in idealistic speculations or abstract considerations that cannot be applied in daily life. All matters relating to work or your profession are favored by this influence, precisely because of your orderly mental state. Any tasks that you do today will be very carefully done with no loose ends. It is possible that your serious and attentive attitude to your work will attract the attention of your employer or other persons in authority whom you encounter. ****

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971: The requirements of the professional world today are higher than ever. Substantiated knowledge, proficiency and flexibility are demanded. In this world, it is helpful to know one’s professional competence and limitations well in order to avoid feeling swamped or burned out. At this time you have to deal with your own hurt feelings – either you are reminded of old wounds by some incident, or a sore point is disturbed again. Maybe you feel a little weak and are conscious of a certain aversion to handling the usual everyday interchanges – a feeling as if you were coming down with flu. If you now have the need to be alone, then that is what you should do. If you make too many demands on yourself or if you are not left in peace, you may become hurtful to others – as a result of a certain indifference. Fortunately, this influence lasts at most half a day.
Then All is Well. ****

Greg Biffle, born 23 December 1969: Today you desire experience and activity. It will not be enough to stay in exactly the same place you have been. But instead of making you dissatisfied, as might be expected, this desire makes you go after what you want, with complete optimism that you will get it. It is very important today that you act with a firm sense of discipline and not simply indulge every compulsive whim that comes along. Take on the projects that you can handle plus a little extra, but not very much extra. ****

Jeremy Mayfield, born 27 May 1969: You may feel a little like showing off, which cannot do any harm in moderation. But whatever you try to show others about your strength, independence and ability to lead, it is clear that today you need others, and you are quite aware of it. Do not try to delude other people about that. They will respect you for being honest, and of course, people like to feel needed. The old line that “No man is an island” has real meaning for you today. If nothing else, you need others to “show off” to, and you need not fear that showing off will alienate people. Unless you are an insufferable braggart to begin with, it will not have that effect at all. ****

Carl Edwards, born 15 August 1979: This influence deepens the emotions and creates a greater need to belong to an individual or to a group. Friendships are extremely important to you today, and they may change your life. This is a good time to try to understand your emotions and how they affect your relationships. Today you can enrich and enhance a relationship as you realize the strength of your feelings, in a moment when you experience the full force of your emotion. Certainly any emotion that you feel today will have extraordinary force and vigor. No experience under this influence is superficial, nor would you be satisfied with any that was. ****

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972: This is a two-day period when personal and subjective considerations will override everything else, but it need not be difficult. First of all, you feel a great need to belong and to relate to your friends or loved ones. This need turns on your emotional sensors and makes you very sensitive to the feelings and moods of the people around you, because you want to fall in with their rhythms and become sympathetic with them. This is the unconscious sign of relating to a group. Thus you are emotionally right there whenever someone needs your sympathy, warmth and understanding. You are very concerned about yourself, which is fine, but don’t distort this into a state of mind in which you cannot see anybody else’s point of view. Objectivity, especially in dealing with others, may be difficult to come by now. ****

Kurt Busch, born 4 August 1978: Your influence’s usually signifies a day of great activity in several areas of your life. You feel a great need to exercise your will and to determine where you are going and what you are doing. Often this is a day of hard work in your profession. But you will be motivated by tasks that relate to your own personal objectives. Therefore this can also be a day of conflict with others, arising from what they consider your selfishness and excessive self- involvement . As you pursue your own goals you may come into conflict with another whose goals are not in harmony with yours. You must continually remember the people around you and be very careful not to alienate them any more than necessary. ****

And so it goes…


NASCAR – Time to Defrag

To the Powers that be at NASCARPlease select the drive you wish to defrag:

1. the heart C://NASCAR/drivers/tracks/heart
2. the mind C://NASCAR/France/rule changes/the mind
3. the soul C://NASCAR/FANS/the soul

If only it were that simple…
There are some points and issues these days where NASCAR is found shattered into pieces. Thoughts and feelings fragmented all over the Net mindscape, a puzzle of emotions of the Owners, Drivers and Fans. Defragmenting the NASCAR puzzle is nothing that can be done as easily as defragging a hard disk with a predefined algorithm. There are some files that need cleaning, rearranged and deleted. The system is beginning to bog up. Run slow. The are some time out issues. Error messages.

Marty Smith says “Blame is a subjective term more often than not, especially in a world of overblown political correctness where covering one’s own kiester ranks far higher on the priority scale than owning up and accepting responsibility.”
Marty also says he fears the following, when discussing NASCAR:

Alliance of

In other words: cars going in circles. ”

NASCAR needs to take a cue from the High Tech world:
If you create and delete a huge number of files, your hard drive may become fragmented to the point that you may see a slight slow-down of file system performance.It should not normally be necessary to defragment your hard disk frequently.
Another thing to consider is that the defragmenting process generally results in a huge amount of disk activity, due to the amount of data being incrementally transferred. Some disk defragmenting software packages also cannot completely recover, if a critical portion of data on the hard disk should be in “transit” when the software fails, you may run the risk of losing that specific file, or all data on your hard drive.

Hopefully the Lowes fiasco will never be repeated. I wish we could delete that little file and start all over with a new one. I am glad, once again, that no one died.


In regards to my previous post about the guy who took it upon himself to be the official spokesman of the Nascar Dads. A REAL NASCAR DAD, a GOOD NASCAR DAD, the kind of guy a NASCAR DAD should be, contacted me through a comment and email . He called my attention to a very disturbing picture of a sculpture that depicted NASCAR Dads.

Frank said… (
“Hey, just thought I’d let you know that I liked your site and some of your articles. I too am spewing bits of stuff into the internet on Nascar related topics. My site is called “The Nascar Dad” but I don’t claim to be the only Nascar Dad :)Since I found you I wanted to get your opinion on something. I found a very disturbing picture today of a sculpture titled “Nascar Dad”. It’s a sculpture of a man and his boy dressed in KKK outfits with racing suit type patches all over them. It really bothered me. Do you think I should be upset about this? I realize art is intended to elicit a response (negative or positive) but this really bothered me. Just thought I’d ask for a second opinion. I’m planning on writing an article about my feelings on the subject.”
Every couple of years, someonecomes up with a new demographic that will be critical in the next election. Soccer moms and office-park dads were all-the-rage, but the last election, NASCAR dads got the attention. The whole point of labeling these groups was to isolate constituencies that were willing to back either party’s candidates. The key of labeling is to find an easily identifiable group that a party can reach out to and whose votes are up for grabs. NASCAR dads, were supposedly married, working class white guys, between the ages of 30 and 50, with limited education who live outside of big cities. They identify with the GOP on social issues (abortion, gay rights, government-sponsored religion, guns), but may be open to Dems on economic concerns (job security, health care, education, union rights).That was where the term NASCAR Dads came from.
The artist portrays the NASCAR DAD as a KKK member with Viagra and Cialis patches on the on the Knights Templar type hooded robes. He compares NASCAR Dads with the KKK .
“NASCAR Dad We are still a divided nation.
One of the groups is the NASCAR Dads. This group is still in some sort of rapture about the South. NASCAR types have corporate logos all over their clothing and of course, they are good fathers.”
He goes on to point out in his note “The KKK outfits were modeled exactly after the Knights Templar who participated in the Crusades. The KKK was an insurgency that was a winked at way of keeping blacks terrorized for 100 shameful years until they were called on their behavior by the civil rights movement. There is still more work to be done.”
I am sure that in some way, this artist thought he was deeply touching and helping to stop Racism and call attention to the corrupt corporate world. I took a look at some of his other works and read his writings. He writes about a theory of his called: “Mike’s Racehorse Theory of Art”. His metaphor relates how a racehorse is happy to run around the track, get a good rubdown when he is done, put his nose into a bag of oats, and lay down in a nice warm paddock, just as an artist just wants to create with whatever media he wants to use. They are both just wanting to BE…bladedeblablabla. I don’t think he’s been around to many race horses. They are generally not to content because they are so hopped up on drugs. It is also a sickening thing to see those horses pushed as they are in training. To see a 3 yr be put down because of a horrible muscle tear, a break in the leg or neck in a fall is not a pretty site. The term to”pee like a race horse” is relating to the drugs ( like LASIX) they are put on to dehydrate them. Pull the fluids from their system prior to a race. They can run faster that way. Butolbitol or But (pronounced beaut) is a pain killer and anti-anxiety agent. Great Life….
He compares how the group of artists represented by an art dealer is called a “gallery stable of artists”. Well this is all I have to say…
That is what the pimps call the prostitutes they “take care of” too.
I do agree with him on one point…there is more work to be done…

Take a look at a REAL NASCAR DAD. Frank’s post regarding the sculpture is well thought out, intelligent and sensitive.


My prediction for this week is tight, fast, and competitive. The Driver’s all have pretty good aspects with the exception of Kurt Busch. Mark Martin could have some challenges and disappointment but he will be ok. Look for Ryan Newman, Jimmy Johnson, and Carl Edwards to be HOT! Tony of course may get a bit irritated but as long as he keeps his temper he will be fine. Then again, it is meant to be that he win the Chase….the future according to Clance’.

Personal Daily Horoscopes of Saturday, 15 October 2005

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971
Theme: Intense encounters
Today during the day you can expect intense encounters with others, chiefly those with whom you are very involved. The deepest and most powerful sources within your subconscious mind are influencing your actions now, and often it is difficult to avoid acting impulsively. You can be sure that any conflicts between you and other people will reveal a great deal about the inner workings of you all. If you can view such conflicts dispassionately and in a calmer light later on, you may derive some benefit from this influence. Otherwise, these encounters are likely to be fruitless and irritating. ***

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Theme: A cheerful mood
Probably you will react to this influence by feeling quite good. Your mood is cheerful and optimistic, and you may feel as though nothing can go wrong with your world today. All that is necessary for this energy to work well is to avoid going overboard on any matter, but that is precisely what can happen at this time. You may feel courageous enough to do something you have never done before. This influence can really build up your self-confidence, but be sure to stop short of arrogance. Any negative energies that you put out will become the source of conflicts with others. If you overstep your bounds, you will step on other people, and they will tell you so. ***

Rusty Wallace, born 14 August 1956
Theme: Irritability
This is a very energetic time for you, when you can assert yourself effectively and accomplish a great deal of work. The problem is that you will be tested all along the line and forced to demonstrate the validity of what you are doing. You may be challenged either by circumstances or by other persons. Your success depends largely upon how well you express yourself in a situation. Being quite unwilling to back down on any issue, you are not moved to make compromises with others. But that is precisely what you should do, especially if you can manage to compromise without giving ground on essential points. ***

Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977
Theme: Nothing can go wrong
Matters not of the ego are uppermost in your mind today. This is a good time for any kind of work activity. You feel friendly and fair towards everyone. All relationships are favored by this influence. ***

Mark Martin, born 9 January 1959
Theme: A fleeting depression
This influence can indicate a period of fleeting depression. Today during the day you are inclined to feel out of touch with others. It is very important to realize that your moods and sensations under this influence often do not reflect reality, even though they seem to. Either you are caught up in internal negativism, or you feel so cold and insensitive that you do not register signals from other people very well. This in turn leads to failures of communication and genuine misunderstandings. Obviously this is not a good time to become involved in an emotionally delicate situation. ***

Greg Biffle, born 23 December 1969
Theme: Conditioned by habit
Today during the day you will feel much more sensitive than usual. You will respond unconsciously to small cues put out by other persons that neither you nor they are aware of. This influence is excellent for occasions when you and another person must relate at a very deep, intense levelof activity.***

Jeremy Mayfield, born 27 May 1969
Theme: Awareness of relationships
This influence brings all relationships into focus. This influence signifies that you will encounter yourself through your different relationships. The good ones will remain good, but the bad ones will become unstable and difficult. If you study your reactions and your handling of these situations, you should learn a great deal about yourself. You should not try to go it alone today. ***

Carl Edwards, born 15 August 1979
Theme: Taking stock
This is a time when you should strive to integrate your energies with those of the people around you – your friends and the groups that you identify with. You will be able to work very effectively with others now, and your goals and objectives will harmonize with those of the people you associate with. You will do this without any loss of identity; in fact, you will feel that what you do affirms your identity. This is a good time for your ego. Now you should examine how far you have gotten in realizing the goals that you have set for this year. Don’t be caught in the illusion that you can be unconscious of what you are doing this year. Now is the time to ascertain what has to be done. ***

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972
Theme: A burst of energy
This morning you experience something like your personal “new Moon,” a time when your mind and body are recharged for the month ahead. Your feelings may now be very strongly influenced by the larger emotional patterns that dominate your life. Usually this influence is felt as a burst of energy in which will, physical vitality and emotions all work together harmoniously. The split between mind and feelings that often plagues us will probably work more smoothly than usual. This is an outward reflection of your inner harmony. Group efforts are very favorably affected by this influence, because it gives you greater sensitivity to the feelings of people around you. ***

Kurt Busch, born 4 August 1978
Theme: Little tolerance
Today during the day you should be careful because the energies of this influence are quite discordant and could create trouble in your personal life. The problem is that you are rather emotionally excitable and easily irritated or angered now. With other people you are far less tolerant of individual quirks, and little things irritate you. You may also be in such a contentious mood that no outside aggravation is needed to set you off. Be wary of arguing just for the sake of arguing. But on the other hand, if you feel real anger, you should release the energy; don’t hold it in. Try to remain calm, no matter how difficult it is. ***

NASCAR Caps? NASCAR and Rupert are what I want to know about.

I am going to interject my opinion on capping Teams in NASCAR in a bit different way. I will tell you what I see coming, and have seen for a long time.
Competition is tough. Money pays for the best of the best and the world revolves, whether we like it or not, around money and what it can bring into the picture. NASCAR rules guard against unfair advantages in the technical aspects of performance. Sure, NASCAR can cap the teams, however, if Roush Racing or Hendrick Motor Sports want to fund more cars….there will be a way to do it….we all know that.
I watch what Rupert Murdock is doing a lot. I will invest in just about anything that has his name even remotely involved. Why? Because…everything Rupert Murdock touches turns to gold.
In the world of Satellite Broadcasting,there are two “biggies”. Rupert Murdock owns EchoStar Communications Corporation which owns Dish Network. He tried to acquire DirecTVunder EchoStar. The FCC denied the application, citing a monopoly. Mr. Murdock then went ahead and acquired DirecTV under News Corporation (News Corp) which he owned as an Australian entity (News Corp also owns Fox) and then filed for the Australian Entity of News Corporation to be a publicly traded US entity and was approved. Different Companies same basic owner. ( Roush? Hendricks? Cap them?…right.) He got what he wanted. He owns DirecTV and Dish Network & Fox just to name a few. Think about this…Fox has the rights to how many NASCAR races? While we all quibble about who owns how many cars, and what is fair…Mr. Murdock moves right along…his hands are right there for everyone to see….and his fingerprints are all over the cars. He isn’t even being sneaky about it. Think about the Star Wars Movies being promoted on the cars. Promoted by NASCAR… “News Corporation has released three of the top five best-performing motion pictures of all time: Star Wars, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and Titanic. The programs produced by News Corporation’s television studios swept last year’s Emmy Awards, and the Company has remained the number one producer of primetime series on American television.” Who is the “owner ” of all those rights? 20th Century Fox. News Corp. Rupert Murdock.
Think about this…DirecTV has exclusive rights to NFL SUNDAY TICKET -$239. MLB EXTRA INNINGS- the price for next season is not set yet. NBA LEAGUE PASS $169, ESPN GamePlan $119, ESPN FULL COURT $99, MLS DIRECT KICK $69, NHL CENTER ICE $129. They recently added 2 new sports subscriptions. BARKLAYS ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE (world class soccer)$299 and SENTANTA SPORTS, no price yet ( European and international football and other sports broadcasts) Mega March Madness, price not set yet, “supplements CBS Sports’ broadcast of the NCAA® Men’s Division I tournament’s first 3 rounds, coverage you can’t see anywhere else”. Hmmm….Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey…world class international sports…HD broadcasts, many found only on DirecTV. Hmmm… News Corp owns Fox owns SPEED Channel.
Wonder what’s in the works for the next, big, very expensive sports subscription.
I can just see it…NASCAR- RACE TO THE CHASE $599.00 split into 4 payments. NASCAR has a higher fan base than NFL now. It is the most popular sport in the nation these days. So go ahead and keep fussing about how much money the “BIG” teams are spending to win races. Networks are going to be renegotiating rights again in the future. It’s a bidding system. He who has the most money wins. NASCAR makes the decision. We don’t have to worry tho…NASCAR doesn’t care about money. Neither does Rupert Murdock. He doesn’t have to.
Please Time-Warner-Gods… save us.

NASCAR Fans are not all Republican Redneck Men ya know!

I received an email today from a certain blogger who thinks he is the Official Spoke’s-Man of the NASCAR POLITICAL REPUBLICAN DAD’s Club, Officially speaking on NASCAR’s behalf… or something like that. JEEEESH!!!! No wonder the stereo-typical NASCAR man fan is such a lovely description and imagined sight to behold. Keeps the comics in material.
Yes…I am a Woman…I am wishing I could say I am black right now too , but then I would be lying about my racial heritage. I am a registered, vote every single election of any sort Democrat. Red Headed IRISH too. I used to be a nasty left wing liberal when I was a tree hugger Hippi, but then Jerry Garcia died and I was forced to grow up a little. Now I am just a Pure Middle of the Road voter. A thinking , voting WOMAN who researches the person I feel will do the best job, in whatever office, Democrat or Republican. I would vote for an Independent or even a Green if I thought it would do any good. I loved Bill Clinton THEN and I still adore him NOW and would vote for him again in a heartbeat…I can’t tho, so instead I will support his wife in all her endeavors.
I have the same right as anyone else to write whatever I want in my Blog. If you don’t like it…that’s just fine. Diversity makes the world go ’round.
NASCAR loves me…I spend a lot of money on NASCAR. In fact just for kicks and giggles…I would lay money that I make a WHOLE LOT MORE than you do…therefore I can spend more and I don’t even have to leave home. ( NO the #1 #88 fan does not support me). I don’t have a boss…I don’t have a grind. I do what I want whenever I want and have fun at the same time. I am supportive of TRUE FREEDOM. Isn’t that what the American Dream is all about and why our troops are protecting us? I thought Democracy included women but correct me if I am wrong.
No… I am not a conservative Christian, but I will pray for you anyway.

I am sorry you are feeling so mean. Depression and Anxiety can create those angry feelings. As a psycho- Therapist I can refer you to another Therapist, Counselor or Psychiatrist in your area if you would like… at the very least I would recommend you speak to your Dr. ASAP. The sooner the better. Some psychotropic drugs take a while to kick in.
Video games can relieve stress also: here is one that will make you feel a lot better. I know it alway helps me when I am feeling uptight and angry.
Hope you get to feeling better. Drop by anytime to catch up on my blog.

Nascar, Mark Martin and HTML

I salute Mark Martin! I was really happy for him. His car was awesome, he was awesome and humble as always. He wants this championship so bad and is not afraid to admit. He makes me feel how bad he wants it… I love the fact that he takes a stand for what he believes. “Burnouts are for kids” he says. He is always “The Gentleman”.

Racing was interesting this weekend. I found myself a little bored and snoozed a bit on the couch yesterday. Funny, how I can do that. I am a very light sleeper and can’t sleep normally if there is any noise whatsoever. I layed on the couch in that beautiful, half awake, half asleep state for about 40 minutes. The sound of the cars zooming by, blasting from the surround sound… Chad and Jimmy chatting on Trackpass from my computer in the background. HOW LOVELY!!

I have added a link to a map on my blog. Please take the time to open it and add your icon to the area that you are from.

I have also managed (once again) to really screw up my template with my limited HTML knowlege… I am a stubborn little thing you know. Taking the time to follow directions has never been a strong point of mine. I am a hand’s on girl. Do…screw it up and then try to fix it is my motto. Makes for really great time management *lol*.

Remember to go over to CJ’s house and give her a nudge to audition for the new reality show Rookies Challenge.
Let’s see how many requests she gets!
I made her a little movie…

Happy Sunrise!!

Happy 47th Birthday Becky!!