Is NASCAR ready for a gay male Driver?

Ian O’Connor of Fox Sports has a column out today questioning
“Is sports ready for a gay male athlete?” (yes that is his version of the English language.)
There is also an MSN poll asking the opinion of which Professional Sports (YES, it includes NASCAR!) Athlete will come out of the closet first.

“It will be a great day in sports, in all of America, when that male pioneer steps forward the way Robinson did more than 58 years ago, the way Swoopes did last week. But that day won’t arrive until a gay man can be assured he won’t be ostracize by members of his own organization, never mind opponents and fans.” states O’Connor. “That day won’t arrive until a gay man on the verge of going public believes he won’t be demoted, traded, or fired.” He also goes on to state “”I think it’s the locker room, the organizations, the leaderships and the advertisers. I think most fans would applaud it.”
OKAAAAAY. Maybe fans of GOLF…or tennis…**starting to giggle** but **laughing a little harder** NASCAR FANS?? **now the tears are starting as the laugh starts to become hysterical**

I am an open minded gal… tolerant of just about everything, a defender of all that is Fair and Just and Equal where Human Beings are concerned. I have gay friends and co-workers both men and women. One of my gay co-workers thinks Jamie McMurray is the “Hottest boy on Earth”. He secretly watches every NASCAR 360 show he can lay his eyes on. He keeps a picture of Jamie taped to his computer. He thinks Dale Jr. is “hot” in a “Macho sort of way.”
He will probably never attend a race because that might not be a safe place for him to be. I fully agree. What are the chances of him attending a race and not having even one comment made to him? How many times do you think the word “FAGGOT” preceded by the other “F” word could be said in the “NASCAR Fan’s at the race World” fueled by lots of Bud, Coor’s Light, Jack Daniels and MACHO MEN? Testosterone Heaven. That is an imagined scene I am not laughing about.
Sorry Mr. O’Connor. I have to disagree with your point here.
NASCAR is committed to attaining greater diversity within its organization and throughout the industry with it’s NASCAR Diversity Internship Program. In addition to the NASCAR Diversity Internship Program, the sanctioning body also offers company-wide internship and career opportunities for men and women of all cultural backgrounds.
NASCAR fan’s are becoming more hip each year, and with the rise in NASCAR popularity, that is a good thing. There is a whole world out there that have “GOT IT BAD”, and it ain’t all the “Good ol’Boys.” But you will notice the words (and I emphasize these words)Men and Women of all CULTURAL backgrounds”. I believe that, interpreted into Politically Correct (sort of) language that means: NASCAR accepts and encourages women and and men of all colors, shapes, sizes and religions to learn the business and be employed by NASCAR. My goodness how far NASCAR has come!
NASCAR has taken a lot of steps in the diversity arena. The fans that had or have an issue with it are slowly accepting it. It’s about time.
BUT….no apologies here, just my opinionMost NASCAR Fans are NOT ready for a Driver to be openly Gay. I doubt that a lot of sponsors and owner’s are ready. Think about what happened to Ellen.

To be perfectly honest with you…The mere thought of most NASCAR fans applauding one of their Driver’s coming out of the closet leaves me ROFLMAO.

It also gives me an idea for a new Reality show… NASCAR MANFANS!!



  1. Like Mikey? He talks kinda funny. LOL!

  2. I love Mikey…

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