NASCAR History 11/7/2005/

Now what am I going to do with my Bobby Labonte Lunch pail?

I know! I will put Greg Biffle in it!! Then I will put a big safety pin through the lock and only let him out if he promises to STOP WHINING .
Biffle is a whiner and if he doesn’t get his way he is going to be a tattle-tale.
The Great Scot’ always gets to the bottom of the firepit. He called Doug Richert: “I don’t think he ( Greg ) was pinpointing that it was Hendrick only..”.

Well, of course that isn’t what Greg meant. Greg Biffle would never whine.
He wins my ” Which Driver’s Inner Child would I like to spank the most for being a Brat ” Award of the Week.

Watch out for the upcoming Important Poll of the Week!



  1. LOL!!!!! If you had bug eyes, you might be a whiner too!
    click, click, click..

  2. Oh ya, found another Tony Stewart fan…y’all are everywhere….

    You have an ad for JJ and Jeffie!!! Run away! Run away!!

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