Texas Gratitude Nascar Style

Thank all of you for the HUGE prayer responses. It was awesome.

Congrats to Carl AGAIN. I don’t want to say I told you so awhile back when I first started posting the scopes…but?
I just did! **lol**

I was really touched by the Rusty Wallace interview on Dateline tonite. Maybe because I too am spinning…faster and faster towards the big 50 . The big picture of life IS the little things. Balancing family, life and work. He is feeling that sense of ” I need to be more careful. ” He knows life is temporary and we only have NOW, what we have RIGHT THIS MOMENT.
Great Call Rusty.

Way to go. It’s not your Last Call by anymeans…it was a wake-up call…the Call to LIFE.
Rusty is the Champion this year.
Congratulations on your Awakening.


1 Comment

  1. Damm, I missed it because I watched Victory Lane on Speed instead. I foget they show re-runs of Victory Lane like 90 times during the week.

    I finally slept last night. Ahhhhhh…
    Oooo..google ads…muct click..can’t stop clicking…

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