NASCAR Astro-Forecasts-Phoenix International Speedway

Tony’s good luck charm” The famous Mer-baby Brenda” the Official Good Luck Talisman of The Church of the Great Oval.

Oh! My very favorite place in the whole wide world for a race!
I love to go to Phoenix. Actually I love the journey we take on the way to and from Phoenix. We always stop for a few days at Sedona, and then venture into the canyons and “Glyph” our way home. Yup, Yup that’s my idea of Heaven. NASCAR and anthropology and New Age aliens, the one’s that are related to Kurt Busch. What a combination… My own idea of what the “Valley of the Sun” and Paradise is.
Here are my predictions for this week along with a photo or two of the journey…

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Theme: Self confident
This influence usually denotes a brief period of good feelings and generosity toward others. Today during the day you feel that everything is all right, and you have nothing to fear. You express your self-confidence by being above petty irritations. Not easily angered, you tolerate even the most harsh behavior from other people. But you probably won’t have to contend with “harsh behavior,” because the energy of this influence does not arouse it in those around you. You will get what you give ­ kindness, friendship and nurturing support. This influence can also awaken your concern for the deeper aspects of life. You may seek metaphysical and spiritual insights, but with your heart rather than your mind. Rational knowledge is not likely to satisfy you at this time.
Jimmy may have stopped at Sedona before he went on to Phoenix. OMMMM…

Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977
Theme: Needless conflict
Today you will display a great deal of energy in your dealings with other people. However, the problem lies in how you use that energy, for you may try to dominate others. Or you may encounter others who try to dominate you. Do not be so willful that you actually get in the way of your own intentions. you will only create needless conflict that will bring you nothing. Strive to make even the most trivial encounter a positive learning experience. You should go somewhere where you can also learn something. Sedona is close. Go sit in a Vortex or something.

Greg Biffle, born 23 December 1969
Theme: Potential for the “He’s an Idiot.” Award.
Today you seek excitement and stimulation through your love relationships, even to the point of provoking a fight. The existing patterns of your relationships will become difficult to deal with even if you know that they are basically constructive. Be careful of being impatient with loved ones, demanding that they gratify your need for excitement, unless of course you want to have an argument. On the other hand, this is a good day for getting things out into the open, where the two of you may reach an understanding. If you and your loved one are under no constraints, then you can enjoy many new experiences with each other. In fact, this influence can be a test of the flexibility of your relationship. The less flexible it is, the more disruptive this time will be.
You need to go to Sedona too.

Carl Edwards, born 15 August 1979
Theme: Your actual abilities
During this period you will try to achieve something of significance in your work or career. This can be either good or bad in the long run, depending upon how you go about getting ahead. On the positive side, this influence helps you overcome your previous limitations, which were caused largely by fear and lack of confidence.
Now you feel capable of greater achievements and willing to work for them. This influence usually creates great optimism and self-confidence, but you must be careful that it does not become overconfidence. Your life will not take care of itself if you neglect the important details of daily existence. Do not let your seemingly more important present concerns cause you to neglect these other aspects of your life.
This influence can also signify an inflated ego, a state of mind in which you attribute to yourself powers and talents far beyond your actual abilities. In rare and extreme cases, a person may think of himself as godlike. But for most people this is expressed simply as overestimation of one’s talents. There is so much positive energy in this influence that it would be unfortunate to waste it with pride, foolish arrogance and overestimation of your capabilities. The difficulty with this influence is that it spurs you on to do more than you can handle, to involve yourself in projects that require more energy than you have or to extend yourself beyond your resources. But this same tendency can lift you to attempt and succeed at tasks you would not usually consider possible. You can expect some difficulties with other people under this influence, but you should be able to handle them, unless you proceed from a position of arrogant self- righteousness. You want to be important now, and it is quite possible to attain that goal, but only if you know yourself adequately.
Dare to do more than you have ever done before, but balance your daring with reason and care.

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972
Theme: Stay Grounded

Now you experience a time of balance and equilibrium in your life, when you can be yourself with the fewest obstacles from people or circumstances. Various affairs in your life will hum along very nicely now. You have made new beginnings in these areas and you can tell how your new plan is working out. Today during the day you will have to be quite careful, because you are emotionally excitable and impulsive. You may act disruptively. Stay calm and grounded. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE CHANGE’S THAT YOU HAVE MADE IN THE LAST FEW WEEKS. THE CHOICES YOU MAKE NOW WILL AFFECT YOU IN THE DISTANT FUTURE.

Mark Martin, born 9 January 1959
Theme: Confrontations
This is a time for making creative changes in your life, for reforming and remolding your immediate surroundings so that they can better express your inner essence. It is a time when you will exert considerable energy in order to gain greater freedom of movement in all your activities. You may have the opportunity to gain power over others, but if so, you should use this power to achieve what you and those around you collectively need. Do not use it for purely selfish purposes, for this is not so likely to work to your advantage.

Jeremy Mayfield, born 27 May 1969
Cheerful and gregarious
This is a good time to go out and socialize, because you feel quite cheerful and gregarious. You radiate warmth and emotion toward other people, so they enjoy being with you. This is a very good time to go to a party, for example. Your relations with loved ones are usually good under this influence, and you may feel quite amorous. Usually this influence is too fleeting to indicate the beginning of a major relationship, but it does help existing ones. This is a favorable time for undertaking any activity connected with beautifying your home and making it more pleasant. It is also a good time to entertain at home. In shopping now, you may spend more money than you originally intended, and if you must stay within a budget, you would be well advised to postpone shopping until later.
Phoenix is a good place to be when this influence is dominant. Lots of culture and shopping. Go to a spa. Take the dogs for a nature walk in the desert. Watch out for snakes tho.

Rusty Wallace, born 14 August 1956
Theme: Counterforces
This is a time of challenge and crisis. Very often this crisis occurs in the form of persons who are working at cross-purposes to your efforts. They may or may not oppose you intentionally, but the thrust of their actions forces you to prove that what you are doing is worthwhile. You may be very angry at these people, feeling that they are motivated by nothing but malice. In fact their motives are the same as yours, which you must learn to understand. Challenges may also occur in connection with your efforts to build something up, to create a material structure or to get a project going. Or they may occur as a test of some new aspect of your personality that has recently come into being.
It’s almost over, buddy. Then you can rest, relax and enjoy. We know you just can hardly wait…

Kurt Busch, born 4 August 1978
Theme: Conflicts and Change
This can be a rather tense time, but it also has the potential for much stimulation. If you have been bottling up pressures from your job, your home, your family or any other sources, they will become very difficult to bear now, especially if you have not been willing to face them in the recent past. Your conscious actions may be impulsive and ill-thought-out today, as your emotions come into conflict with your conscious will. When this happens, you should try to find out whether you have been avoiding a problem that has brought about this situation. Days like this may be annoying, but they do bring hidden tensions out into the open. However, it might not be a bad idea to let the dust settle first. But this time is not necessarily so difficult, depending on how well you have been handling your emotions.

And finally…

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971




Merbaby Brenda is riding along in Spirit. The Luck is with You.



  1. you need comments here?

  2. maybe you should post here more often to ge more hits…

  3. So, Matt needs to stay grounded…it looks like he may get pissed at someone during the race….not unususal…
    wonder about his choices on staying at Rousch….especially since Rousch will have to cut back to 4 cars eventually….

  4. I wish Jeremy Mayfield would do better. I just love him. Not in the he’s sexy way, I love his humor and attiude and his wife Shana is cool too. And those fat little dogs of theirs…

  5. My spelling sucks!

    Go Matt, Elliott and Tony!!!!

    Did you notice I added some pics of them to the side of my blog after my google bar? Even one of Tony for you…

  6. okay, I can comment no more

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