NASCAR,Phoenix and the Law…continued…

I am enraged that Kurt Busch drank any alcohol at all and got behind the wheel of a car. One drop of alcohol and the responsibility of the road is one too many. It takes a lot of audacity…Maybe his reflexes are better than the average person on the track, but getting a buzz affects us all the same. It also KILLS innocent people that do not know that their lives are at risk.
Kurt Busch must have taken his Sponsor’s advise and joined the “Society of the Crown”. He should have memorized the tips from Crown Royal in it’s “Responsible Host” area of the Crown Royal Website…or at least been man enough and smart enough to follow the guidelines. Here is my advise to anyone who is a “Host”:
If Kurt Busch is at your home or Bar…
The “Responsible Host” would:
Find a ‘designated driver’ to take him home ( Where was Eva? Maybe she wasn’t there. Where was Baby Busch? He is underage and should have been sober. He is in Phoenix. He could have called his baby brother to drive. )
Ask the guest to spend the night. (not going there… Alien sex is off limits. )
Call a cab and offer to pay the driver. ( Heck no!! Kurt Busch is rich. Let him pay for his own cab.)

Jack Roush said it best at
“I don’t plan to take any action myself,” he said. “I’m not looking down the road with Kurt, based on the fact that he has his release and he’ll be doing something else. He’ll be under new management and new oversight next year and I’ll just stand aside and watch and see how that works out for him.”Roush said he had not talked with Busch or any of his representatives and did not know the facts of the incident. Asked how this situation might impact Crown Royal, a distilled Canadian whisky that is Busch’s current sponsor, Roush said, “It would be an issue for Crown Royal, I’m sure, if that proves to be a fact, and going down the road with that relationship.”
“But, happily, I feel we that we can stand aside of it now and say it’s none of my affair.”
In Arizona, Reckless Driving ain’t no little infraction type Traffic Ticket.
It’s a misdemeanor. Arizona is a NO TOLERANCE STATE on a lot of issues. It also has a statute, that prohibits plea bargaining or reducing an alcohol-related offense to a non-alcohol related offense. Did we have a little dealing done here?
It should have been a Drunk Driving and jail like the rest of us po’ folks.



  1. I posted this on my blog on blogster a while ago. Isn’t this awfully sad. I wonder how she is doing now?

    I am sorry for the loss of your father and mother. It must be tough with both parents gone. Mom is 79 now and do worry about her to a point.

  2. So, your blog is worth $0 too…I think you need to redo it since it isnt showing the amount.

  3. Hell, I’m suprised he didn’t have a limo taking him around town. Maybe he was at a strip club and that’s why Eva wasn’t with him.

    What if he was drinking Budweiser???? or Coors??

    Dumb ass big ears…people already love to hate you…you just put another nail in your coffin and who knows what Penske will do with his ass or if Miller will want him representing their product now.

  4. Kurt Busch has just been suspended for the rest of the season… I’m sitting here watching NTM and just about fell off the couch…Can’t believe they did that!!!!! Good bye Rubber Ears!!!!

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