NASCAR saga continued…Chapter 999 Kurt Busch

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Kurt Busch’s BAC (blood alcohol content) registered at.017% according to the preliminary test at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department command post. That is why there was no Drunk Driving charge as the BAC of .08% is the legal limit for charging with a DUI. He was issued the correct citation of Reckless Driving.
He still should never been behind the wheel. One drop of alcohol is too much. Yes… I am also a die hard proponent of do not drive if you took narcotics for pain or cough syrup for a cold. Don’t swallow your mouthwash and drive either.
Did Roush suspend Busch as a payback for being the brat and pain in the donkey’s butt that he has been? MAYBE. Was he wrong to suspend him? NO WAY.
Kurt Busch is a terrible model of what a champion should be. Cocky, difficult and arrogant to the point of being offensive. Only time will tell what the total consequences to his career will be. I am not talking this ticket either. I am talking attitude and fan following and willingness of sponsors to promote the little jerk. I see the same possible personality issues in Baby Busch.
LOTS of Driver’s have been jerks. But there is always something likable and endearing about them that makes them even more popular after they have been jerks. PERSONALITY.
Maybe Tony Stewart is right….what we need in NASCAR is more

old fashioned men
men that aren’t afraid…more
More men that aren’t afraid to show the emotion they are really feeling. They could be put in a ring after each race to beat the tar out of each other if they didn’t feel vindicated enough yet by bashing someone into a wall or
caving in the back end or side of the car.
No sugar coating.
We could also set up intellectual fights. A nationally televised game of Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy. Pit the Busch boys against each other to see who has the highest IQ. Who has the most common sense. I would hope Baby Busch has learned something from his brother that will benefit him. I haven’t been too hopeful yet.
Give me Tony Stewart, Robby Gordon and Jimmy Spencer’s temperaments and personality styles any time. Martin Truex Jr. shows great potential too.
My advise?
Be a hot head and don’t be ashamed of it. Own up to being pissed off. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t let any one stop you and pay the consequences that NASCAR lays on you. Just do it at the Track.
Don’t take your frustrations out on a cop.
Keep being good to your fans.
You will always know who loves ya…
I still think Jimmy Spencer should have took him out while he had the chance. **lol**



  1. I agree with you — Buschie should learn a few “class” lessons from Tony!

  2. As long as they televised the fights, I’m there….
    I posted about the latest poll at…don’t foget to take it. Tony is up for a lot of catergories….

  3. I think Jimmy should have finished KB off awhile back…I haven’t had any use for KB or Biffle since watching the two of them in the Truck races!!! If there was gonna be wrestling matches, all proceeds should go to the Victory Junction Camp…make it for a good cause also!!!

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