The Busch saga gone too far…NOT COOL.

Track Officials Call Off Unveiling of Kurt Busch’s BannerSuspended Driver Was Supposed to Be Honored for 2004 Championship
The officials at Homestead-Miami Speedway have canceled the unveiling Tuesday of his 2004 Nextel Cup championship banner. Kurt Busch was supposed to be at a party Tuesday night to kick off the week’s activities leading up to the Ford 400 on Sunday. Busch’s banner was already on display behind the grandstand, along with banners honoring other winners of NASCAR’s top championship. Greg Biffle was set to replace his former teammate at the party Tuesday night to kick off the week’s activities.
Now I think that is taking things WAY TOO FAR. I am sticking up for Busch here. I will be emailing and screaming as loudly and quickly about this as I did when he got popped.
He earned that 2004 Championship. That is his and his alone forever and no one has the right to take that away. Just as his actions were not acceptable, this is not acceptable.
Enough is Enough.
Start calling…jam the lines email over and over .ect.ect.
That banner should be PROUDLY diplayed and he should not be being replaced with Biffle in “pretend” traditional Kick- off. I am so TICKED. Here are the addresses, emails and phone number you need. Jam up those ticket phone# with complaints. Money Talks and when Money lines are disrupted…things can happen. It’s crappy there is not a lot of time but….voices are still heard…

Operations/Track Rental: Hope Mees (305) 230-5175
Community Relations: Tabatha Cullen (305) 230-5024
Public Relations: Phil de Montmollin (305) 230-5249
Marketing & Promotions: Jeff Hachmann (305) 230-5201
Corporate Partnerships – Hospitality & Sponsorship Sales: Roland Navarro (305) 230-5209



  1. That’s fucked up. Bug Eyes has never even won a Cup championship. Kurt did win one. If for they have some valid reason why they simply cannot have Kurt do this, than at least have someone who has been a CUP champion before do the cermonial stuff…say like Matt Kenseth… 🙂
    No, Kurt did earn it and people want a chance to Boo at him….

    PS sidebar is back

  2. Morning Clance’! The link to the article doesn’t work anymore. Did they say anything about who is going to do the cermonies on Sunday?

  3. I agree with you, Clance. Busch IS an idiot, but ya gotta give credit where credit is due. (Besides the fact that his championship happened before his latest fuck-up.)

    Seems like political bandwagon-jumping to me.

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