NASCAR Tis’ the End of the Season.

On the Final lap…Smoke and Rusty are ahead of the others by 2 seconds….They race neck and neck toward the finish line and Tony waves and nods in respect…backs off the pedal… and Rusty wins his last race by a car length.
The crowd roars and rises in a standing ovation as Rusty takes his Victory lap with the checkered flag and runs in to the wall. He climbs out of the wrecked #2 car and shouts:
“Just kidding!!”.
He then jogs into Victory Lane where he and Tony bow Tibetan style to each other and then spray Miller Beer all over.
Miller Beer announces Free Miller Beer for every one in the US for the rest of the day.
Home Depot gives away free ladders for the rest of the day in celebration of Tony’s Cup Championship.
Crown Royal pays for all taxi rides anywhere if intoxication and belligerence are involved.
In the meantime:
Kurt Bisch get’s too drunk sitting at home regretting his actions and watching football because he CHOSE not to go to the Race and hand the Championship Flag over to Tony.
He calls a taxi to have them take him to Harrah’s on Crown Royal’s tab.
Crown Royal tells all cab company’s to bill it to Miller.
Busch orders a free Miller Lite (he is small, he’s a Lite-weight) at Harrah’s and the bartender says:
“Sorry Buddy…you’re cut off. Nada…Adios Amigo. Yer outta here.”
Busch gets mad and holler’s “Your just picking on me cuz your a Jeff Gordon fan…uh I mean a ROBBY Gordon fan.”
Bartender calls the Las Vegas NV cops.
Busch screams “Don’t you know who I am? You wimps !” as Wayne Newton walks by.
Newton calls Security. Security tackles Busch and beat him up, saying “He was resisting and being disrespectful to Mr. Newton.
LVPD arrest Busch for reckless endangerment and Public Intoxification.
Mr. Newton files a civil Libel and Defamation of Character suit against Kurt, seeking $100 Million in damages.
Las Vegas doesn’t want Kurt to associate his name with Las Vegas any longer and seeks to ban him from the city and Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Maricopa County changes Kurt’s court date to the day of the awards ceremony and throws the book at him, sentencing him to 2 days in jail and escorts him from the courtroom to the jail tents in handcuffs.
He is given a sandwich to hold him before he has to break rocks.

Poor Kurt…he just can’t win…
Maybe he needs a Karma list like Earl.



  1. LOL!!! Girl you are crazy and I love it!!!

  2. Karma is a powerful thing…KB should watch Earl…maybe he would learn something!!!! LOL

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