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Man oh man….bodies are dropping faster than I can add them to my Heavenly Links…


  1. I’ve got one of those on my blog.

  2. I saw that…

  3. good christ i musta had too much pot…i read that as”… babies are dropping faster…”.

  4. **ROFLAO** You are too..too funny.

  5. The latest:

    Billy, thanks for your post. As far as the terms and conditions go, these are the same terms and conditions from the old Blogster, so nothing has been changed here. We have for the last 2 months been able to make any changes to the site in any way because the programming code did not allow it and we did not have access to anything because even though we bought the site, it was still on the former owner’s server, therefore we were unable to fully access the site. As far as things going on in the background that are not made public, I would say yes there are some things going on. People have only been deleted if they asked to, or in a few cases if they threaten me personally, threaten to destroy my business or interfere with my business in a detrimental way. As far as blogging, say whatever you want, we do not believe in censorship, you can say whatever you want in your blog, swear all you want, we don’t care.
    comment by walleyeman on November 28, 2005 8:25 AM

    I NEVER requested that my blog be deleted, I NEVER threatened ANYONE and I NEVER threatened his business.

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