Tributes to Tony Stewart or… why Tony Stewart is "My Driver."

In honor of Champion’s Week, I will be posting some of my favorite articles, posts, exerpts, quotes and pictures of Our Boy Tony Stewart.

The State 11/18/2005 The answer man at Gibbs speaks:

Questions for Mr. Gibb’s…the younger.

Question: You hear how much fun Stewart is away from the track. Can you give examples of that?
Answer: Tony is funny. He’s quick-witted. He’s all the time pulling practical jokes. A lot of times, he’ll take these little butane torches and go up behind somebody and singe the back of their pants leg. He loves that. He hasn’t done that to me, but I know to keep an eye on him.
He’s serious about his racing, but he’s learned to enjoy other stuff, too.”



  1. Why doesn’t that surprise me one little bit? 😀 ROFL!!!

  2. **lol**

  3. He’s such a little prankster!!!!

  4. Oh-la-la Hi ya’ll had to change my name over here but Tony’s hot!!!!

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