Naked Santa Snowball Fight Tournament


I am determined to like the Christmas Season this year.
So I will start a new tradition.

I challenge you all to:
The First Annual Naked Santa Snowball Tournament.

I scored 35.




  1. LOL nice! I scored 50.

  2. I only got 24. I’m from Texas. I don’t get to play with snowballs very often!!

  3. *cackling* that was tops took me aages to work out how to throw them and when but now i am going back in there…that time i got 41 cracked me up watching the stoopid santa’s.

    thank you i needed the giggle.

  4. opps i think i broke it…by chucking them snowballs like a machine gun.

    they’re still stoopid santas. lol.

  5. Luaren won. Congratulations. Way to go. WOOHOO!!

  6. Naked Santa? That scares me. LOL

  7. Cool…got 45 that time!

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