Now is our Chance…Real Fans vs Helmet Licker’s

Only the Driver with the Strongest fans will survive.
This is far too important to allow any mis- interpretation of the rules of the Driver Survivor contest. Here is where the intelligent fans win.
The helmet licker’s don’t.
**So pay attention, kiddo’s**

The Ultimate Driver Survivor Contest has selected the most popular drivers on the Nextel Cup circuit. This contest pits the most popular drivers fans against each other to see who is smart enough and wise enough to have their driver survive the contest. The first round cut and the driver with the highest amount of votes will be sent to the pits on Monday – December 12th at 12:00am (est). After that, one driver will be voted off every day until there only is one driver left on the track. That driver will be the survivor of the 2006 Ultimate Driver Survivor Contest.This year it will be the challenge of other group’s of fans to prove that they have more dedication to their driver then any of the others. So which driver has the most dedicated fans?? We will find out in February, just in time for the Daytona 500. So have fun, come back often and vote everyday.Just a few reminders here on the contest rules….everyone is permitted one vote a day. To insure this we have had to go to a method of voting that will require you submit your e-mail address so a ballot can be sent to your address to verify your vote. In no way do we use the e-mail address for anything other then this and this is done automatically. There are several other methods that we had to go to to insure that there will be no power voting as we have seen on other polls. We reserve the right to change the security of the voting process at anytime. Votes are tabulated throughout the day and at the end of the day, the system is reset in order to allow you to vote the following day. Then after the initial driver is sent to the pits, then another driver is sent to the pits every other day after that. Many groups of fans may join together to get one driver off the track, which is a wise way to keep their driver on track & increase the chances of their driver winning. For a driver to win, his fans must show that they have the survival instinct and do whatever it takes to survive. Remember, when you votedo not vote for the driver that you want to stay on the track but rather a driver that you want voted out of the contest.
** ** ** ** ** rules courtesy of

Last Driver Voted Off The Track ?? Tony?? We can do that.
Anyone else? Good Luck in 2006.

OK…who wants to be on MY TEAM? **lol**
Remember we do what ever it takes… for Tony to win.
It’s all about Strategy…Here I go…plotting and planning…
Objective #1: Get rid of Dale JR.
Objective #2: Get rid of Jeff Gordon.
Objective#3: We will decide who we pick on from there each day…in our little morning coffee prayer and praise meeting at the Church.

8 AM MST Chat room open for planning the Mission.
Be stealth…



  1. Looking good so far, I just voted to remove Jr and the results now are:
    Jeff Gordon (740) 50%
    Dale Earnhardt Jr (451) 31%
    Jimmie Johnson (54) 4%
    Kurt Busch (42) 3%
    Kyle Busch (36) 2%
    Bobby Hamilton Jr (33) 2%
    Greg Biffle (19) 1%
    Tony Stewart (13) 1%
    Robby Gordon (11) 1%
    Ryan Newman (9) 1%
    Martin Truex Jr (9) 1%

    All others are at 0%

  2. I gotta do this. I gotta do this. Say byebye Jr.

  3. Please keep reminding me Clance. I have no memory whatsoever 😦

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