Living Your Dream…

I found this today as I was uploading my own video’s that I have made.
This guy travels around the world and dances. He is living his dream.
What would you do if you could live your dream(s) and do anything you wanted? Imagine no limit, no constrictions. What would you do? How creative can you get? The first thing to achieving those dreams is being grateful for everything in your life and then imagining it… the Key to being grateful is here.



  1. That boy gets around!!!

  2. Cool huh?

  3. OK Clance’ lets see if I have your video tune here: Pure Moods#1. right?Just forget who is singing but I know the music

  4. I am not sure who it is…sounds like that gal from Tibet, but I cannot remember her name. I used to have her cd and I lost it and have NEVER been able to find it. I had recieved it in a sample for my store. Darn ….I love it. I have an email into the dancing guy to find out…I love this video.

  5. instead of dancing…. i would like to travel all over the world and have my picture taken of me giving the finger… jackie in the finger..jackie in the finger…you get the idea…now that is my dream….
    huh huh

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