Another Letter from the Universe…

There comes a time in the evolution of every spiritual being, along that sometimes dark road that leads to enlightenment, when their inner yearnings, struggles and frustrations bring them to a truth that could not have otherwise been achieved. And so, beloved, I come this holy day with such a truth, though it may hurt eyes that have been shut too long.
Reaching this milestone was inevitable, for the light that will dawn hereafter is not only what you have summoned, but what all now seek. And with your blessing and recognition it will bathe those who follow in your footsteps and the burden they bear shall be lessened.
If it’s not yet obvious to you, the real reason for this season is You. A more perfect child of the Universe has never lived. Until now, only a celebration cloaked in myth and mystery could hint at your sublime heritage and divine destiny. You are life’s prayer of becoming, and its answer. The first light at the dawn of eternity, drawn from the ether, so that the Universe might know its depths, discover its heights, and frolic in endless seas of blessed emotion.
A pioneer into illusion, an adventurer into the unknown, and a lifter of veils. Courageous, heroic and exalted by billions in the unseen.
To give beyond reason. To care beyond hope. To love without limit. To reach, stretch, and dream in spite of your fears. These are the hallmarks of divinity – traits of the immortal – your badges of honor, and your ticket home.
This is the time of year we celebrate who you are.
Merry Christmas, a few days early – The Universe

Yeah, I said the same thing last year, but more people are listening now, and still, a more perfect child than you has yet to be born. Unless I missed someone…



  1. Great message!!!!
    Good luck with Satan 🙂
    Back to voting I go……..

  2. Merry Holiday to you and yours Clance. Have a great one!

    May Creator take care of you and yours.


  3. I love Natalie Merchant. I saw her live at Lilith Fair,she is a little tiny thing…hey if you like drippy schoolgirl love poetry go see my blog, “Schoolgirl Poetry”, I used to write that sort of thing a few years ago, I have to be in the mood to write that sort of thing, lol

  4. i think the world would be a far far better place if we all were full of more enlightment than bullshit…

  5. i also have
    a great chant for meditation..ahhhhhhhhhhhhnotgoingtokillanyonnnnnnneeeeeeetoday….
    its great for alcaholic’s who are used to the one day at a time routine.

  6. LOL at Jackiesue!!! I use that one all the time!

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