Just Pathetic….

Ok…I must be sick…in the head. The Boise Inversion has gotton to me. I NEED professional help, I think. Oh yeah…I am a Professional. Maybe I need to create a Hypnotic script for NASCAR Fans who have a hard time coping with Real Life during off season….or we can dedicate Bab’s Asylum to NASCAR Fans only during certain months… I know it’s Christmas… I heard about it somewhere… I got an email from my kid asking if the Church of the Great Oval Mascot “Brenda the Mer-baby had kidnapped her Mother”, and if she had she wasn’t paying any ransom money…she knows the money would just go to Brenda the Mer-baby’s Mother, “Brenda the Alien”.
Brenda the Alien is an entity that occasionally takes over my body if I partake in certain beverages like Yukon Jack or Southern Comfort. When she has taken my body and mind over, I have to wear a sack over my head for weeks lest someone recognizes me as her. She can get me in a lot of trouble.
In fact I think she may be writing this, pretending she’s me.
I take no responsibilty for this post or the music contained within.
**(I know it’s her writing this this because I would NEVER allow anyone to dis’ My Driver…) …and that is scary cuz it’s morning and I am drinking coffee with a little Creme’ Boulet creamer in it.



  1. That video’s hysterical. Except he got the whiner wrong…. we all know that!!!

  2. **lol** I tried to find a way to tweak it into saying Jeff Gordon was the Whiner but…nada.

  3. you would think that i would be the perfect nascar lover..but i swear..i dont have the gene..i feel bad too.i want to join in and be an oval fan…be able to be glib when i talk about stewart, matt, and know the name of all the towns where the races are held..hell they have a race right here in big D and i just dont get it…there are cars…there is a race track…they drive the cars around the race track…and they drive around the race track..again..500 fucking times..sometimes one car wrecks or breaks down or passes another car..and they keep going around the track..500 fucking times..would be a lot more exciting if they gave them guns…

  4. wish you could have changed that line!!! Merry Christmas!!!! I will see ya’ll after Christmas…for some reason I can’t get out of the kitchen!!!!

  5. excellent video, i usually don’t make it all the way through videos, but this was a keeper!

  6. call me a luddite, but i can’t figure out how to e-mail you.

  7. i still can’t figure it out.


  8. If I ever have a kid, I’m naming it Cledus. Hahahaha

    excellent, Clance’!

  9. I have a CD with the song on it and it is funny. Cledus is a pretty funny guy. I got your message and no problem. I just haven’t checked my email, but I will pretty soon. BTW I love Tony Stewart.

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