The Dakar Rally

I am brain dead. It has been raining and grey for a week.. like a plant, starving for light and blue skies. The second it happens, I perk right up. I could never live in Alaska in the winter. There is supposed to be a small amount of sky tomorrow, before the next Gray Matter begins again and ends in another week. Ugh.

I am excited about The Dakar Rally which starts on Dec 31. Go Robby Gordon!!
Scrutineering began today. You can go to The Dakar Spot and Robby’s Team Dakar USA to catch up on the events of the pre race. You can also sign up for daily updates from Team Dakar USA.
If you are not familiar with Dakar….well, let me tell you this. You think Robby Gordon has guts in the NASCAR races? Baja? This is not a race for the faint of heart.
The Dakar Rally is the World’s longest, most challenging and most grueling race on the Planet Earth. The 1,500 mile trek begins in Portugal, crosses through Morocco, Mauritania, Mali and Guinea before ending in Dakar. Long, crazy, no maps, figure it out on your own and if you get lost, oh well…May the best Navigator win.

There were some safety changes made this year after the deaths of 2 drivers last year. Speeds are limited, the amount of gasoline or fuel carried has been changed. The race itself has returned to it’s roots again. The amateur’s have a chance to compete again on a fair playing field. It will will be interesting to see how many actually finish this year. 60%? 25%? 50%? Hmmm.
Another great site to learn more about Dakar is
I’ll be keeping you posted.
Here are some of my badly scanned pictures of Robby that the #1 Fan of the #88 car took of Robby when he was at Fontana.


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  1. I watched the “Dust to Glory” DVD about the Baja race. Amazing!
    Robby’s got some guts man, he is a racer. Go Robby!

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