Aggregate this…NOT.

I am going to share a little about what has been going on in my small little blog life.
Why has the posting at the Church of the Great Oval slowed down?

Someone has taken the liberty to “aggregate”
my blog and…
Backstretch Motorsports
Full Throttle
Dustin Marson’s NASCAR Blog

and a couple other’s.
Our entire blogposts lately and then show us as “contributers.” The site looks as if it is ours. Like a regular blog host with comments and everything. There are links by my name and blog and the bottom of the post that direct right back to this John Ross’s site. Under the list of contributors My Blog DOES link to here. This is very decieving. It actually looks like I and several other NASCAR bloggers have come together and are publishing this site. NOT ACCEPTABLE.
This was called to my attention by Full Throttle’s Marc Boland. ( Check out his site by the way…it is awesome). Thanks so much Marc. I recieved the email that I was replying to after the fuss had begun. We have been trying to trace this guy down for days.
I am posting the notice that I sent to see if anything is removed or not. If they have not removed the aggregation it will show on their sight. Stealing from a Church…how low can you go… Instant Karma gonna get you….

From: Church of the Great Oval… Flag Message Mark Unread
To: “”>
Subject: Re: XB90 has syndicated your blog – please reply (REMOVE
Date: Dec 29, 2005 9:09 PM

The purpose of Aggregation is not stealing entire blogs and adding them to your site as if we were contributers. Your site gives the impression that we are all collaborating and part of your website. I have never heard of you nor given permission to place my blog into your so called news and information portal. At the bottom of your site you state you are a Blogger’s Network.This is not acceptable. The links to the post route back around to you unless you click in three different places,. You are allowing comments at the end of each post as if they were commenting on my actual blog. It looks as if that is my blog. That is NOT link sharing. Had you posted the title and a leadline which would take visitors to my site , that may have been different. You have point blank stolen my entire blog. There is no benefit to anyone but you as far as I can see. I believe you may be attempting to create content with the sole intent of making money off my and my fellow NASCAR bloggers creativity, which does cross the line. I too am a member of EFF. You are a blatant misrepresentation of what they are all about.I am filing a compaint of abuse to your server through email, mail and fax. I DEMAND that you remove any and all of my posts, my name and any link to my site from your website as soon as you recieve this as you have stated you will. I will be watching to make sure it is done and that you do no harm to others.Clance’ McClannahan

—–Original Message—– From: “” Sent: Dec 29, 2005 9:10 AM To:
Subject: XB90 has syndicated your blog – please reply
This is an important email and not spam – please read and reply this email concerns your blog RSS syndication.
Of all the blogs and content available today, you offer your readers excellent well written articles that stand above the others.
My name is John Ross and I am the editor of XB90 a news and information portal. We recently added your RSS feed to our XB90 site
In doing so we have recently started to syndicate your RSS feed with link backs to your site. An issue has just been brought to my attention, for some reason we added your site without your approval. Although we attribute all posting back to the original site and use the Fair Use doctrine of the copyright act, I wanted to bring this to your attention and get your approval to syndicate your content and include it in our aggregation site.
A high quality blogger like yourself deserves the promotion and recognition. With XB90 now syndicating you, we are now spreading the word about your great content. You will benefit with increased traffic and readers. With the vast number of blogs and websites it is difficult for people to find great content, your site/blog is well written and you are offering the reader articles that are in our opinion some of the best available on the topic.
We very clearly linked back to your article and display your name as well. Our attribution reads Thanks “Author” from “Your Blog Site”. We do not make any changes to your posts, we simply publish your RSS feeds as it provided by you from your blog. In addition we add your site/blog under the heading Contributors with a link back to you.
As a webmaster/blogmaster you no doubt know the importance of linking. The more sites that link to you, the more the search engines consider your site a quality reference. XB90 sincerely hopes that the links back to your blog post will increase your search engine traffic and site popularity. If you want, please feel free to add us to your blog roll. Linking back to us will help in making your content, and the your site more popular with the search engines and sites like Technoratti and others.
I need to hear back from you if you approve of our aggregation of your content or you wish us to remove your RSS from our site.
Just reply to this email with your url in the subject line and say approve or remove and we will comply promptly with your request. We feel you will benefit from additional traffic and recognition by inclusion in XB90, BUT if we do not hear from you in the next 7 days, we will stop aggregating your RSS feed in XB90.
Your content is excellent and we sincerely hope that you will continue your active blogging with its great articles. More people need to know about you and your information – XB90 syndication will help your sit increase in popularity.
Many Thanks and may you and your family have a healthy and prosperous New Year.
John Ross
XB90 Editor
This email is considered private and confidential. This email and its contents my not be published, posted or forwarded to an other individual.
This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and solely for the use of the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient or the person responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this email in error and that any dissemination, distribution, copying or use is strictly prohibited.
If you have received this email in error please notify the sender and then delete the message and any attachments from your computer.
This email has been scanned for all known viruses by the Blackspider Mailcontrol System, while the sender has taken every reasonable precaution to minimise risk, we cannot accept liability for any damage which you sustain as a result of software viruses. You should carry out your own virus checks before opening any attachments to this e-mail.

The Church of the Great Oval




  1. Jim Ross has some set of gonads doesn’t he? I’ve been trying to decide if it takes an enormous amount of audacity or a brain of sub-atomic size to not only pull this stunt but also place an EFF logo on his index page. Have you also noticed it’s not just posts that have been lifted, our blogs categories are also listed in the sidebar.

    Apparently he never got past posting the logo and read any policies that delineate what “fair use” entails.

    BTW, if you haven’t noticed this post has been scraped and is at the top of “his” site. I had thought of sending him an Email, but like your idea of a post better. As per my comment policy I can, and will, overlook mild profanity at Full Throttle as long as it’s not directed at someone personally.

    I think the post I’ll put up for this idiot to scrape may fall way outside my previous guidelines!

  2. Looks like the mesage got through. This post is not longer on “that guys” site.

    I took a cue from you, here is my post, on the subject. (Cover the kids eyes if you visit)

    Did you send him an email that preceeded him taking down your posts or did someone note “aggragat this” had been scraped.

    You may also be interested in this post. It looks like Ross has been a pain all around the blogosphere not just racing blogs.

  3. I’m not good enough for him, apparently, since he isn’t swiping anything I write. Oh well. I’ll get over it.

  4. I’m sorry Jerry. Maybe he will pick you up now that the rest of us have kicked him out of the NASCAR Club, and rejected his Christmas present. We will just keep watching to see… Forever.
    Hey!! Nice to see you over here!

  5. Plagiarism just isn’t acceptable anywhere. I ran into that when I was editor of our newspaper and it isn’t fun. Someone from another media took one of my articles and did it on the air without permission and then had the audacity to let everyone think he wrote it as a script for his newscast. Sucks.

    Happy New Year.

  6. Good morning. Had a great time talking to you and hope to do it again soon. The Fatboy Slim video is called Weapons of Choice. I don’t know why I couldn’t remember it last night. It is on my blog today.

    Hope your daughter got home OK.

    Happy New Year.

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