Thank you ALL!!

Thank all of you for the lovely comments and cards. It means a lot to me. We have such a great little circle. I wouldn’t give it up for the world!
Bright Blessings to all of you!!
…and now I shall sleep.


Clance’s secret meeting.

KB the Alien

I am sure this is all part of the Alien plot to take over the world. I am onto him, his brother and the plot. Another documentary is in the works… I think Kasey knows too, and he’s worried about it.
NASCAR driver asks for delay in reckless driving hearing

Getting older…

Yay!! I found a template I can live with for awhile. The exact color green is the same color I just did my kitchen in. Green and white. Clean, calm, yet energizing. I need to clean it up a little and move a few things around, but this will work for now. I am putting together a couple of ideas for my perfect custom template for Denise to do for me eventually. This works for now.

New beginnings for my new year. I always make a list of new things I want to do for the year. I have to do the same amount of things I have never done as I am old…so 48 new things this year. Every year more and more. I have 24 hours left to do the list.

I got a surprise phone call from one of my favorite old classmates this morning. I have know him since we were in the 4th grade. He had been trying to track me down for six months. It made me feel good. He caught me up on my small hometown in Eastern Oregon gossip, and let me know about my high school class reunion planned for July. I really look forward to that. I can’t believe it has been 30 years. I went to our 10 year reunion. We didn’t have a 20 because we all forgot. Is that funny or what? There will be some changes in all of our looks this time. **lol**
I am kind of nervous about it…certain parts of me have certainly transformed.

Funny or Prophetic?

Kurt Busch’s Court Date

Kurt Busch is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning at 9 AM, for a pre-trail hearing .The 2004 Nextel Cup champion was belligerent and uncooperative when he was pulled over by Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies on Nov. 11 near Phoenix International Raceway, according to sheriff’s reports. A breath test and field sobriety tests confirmed Busch wasn’t drunk, but deputies issued a criminal traffic citation for reckless driving.
The reigning NASCAR Nextel Cup champion was pulled over for driving 60 mph in a 45 mph zone, swerving to avoid a car and running a stop sign last Friday night on his way back to Phoenix International Raceway. He said he was returning from dinner with his fiancee. The police report said the deputy smelled alcohol on Busch, and the driver became belligerent. “You’re only doing this because you’re a Jeff Gordon fan,” Busch was quoted as saying to the officer in the police report, released earlier in Nov. in Phoenix. He was eventually issued amisdemeanorsr citation for reckless driving. “I admit I became a bit argumentative with the officer when he continuously insisted that I submit to a field sobriety test and a breath test, which I ultimately did,” Busch said. “I later learned my (preliminary breathalyzer) test was .017. That’s consistent with an individual my size having one drink. That’s brought us to this point.”

KB (I am not going to refer to him as my favorite Alien to pick on until after tomorrow ) has recently been trying to show a little more “of the Real Kurt Busch” to gain rapport with the fans and gain a greater fan base. He has seemed a little less standoffish, has tried to joke a little and be more like one of the guys. I have to give him credit for that. He is trying…he needs hire a comedy coach, for sure. He is just not funny.

I hope he goes into court, pleads guilty and pays his fine. I hope he is completely accountable for his actions. It was a big deal to a lot of NASCAR fans. He has the opportunity tomorrow to be a role model, by admitting guilt, and accepting the consequences.
He has already paid some huge prices for his errors in judgment. He has made a lot of decisions that maybe were not the best choices for gaining a fan base. I think he may have thought that just his driving skills would do the trick. Playing the elusive, cocky young Champion don’t do the trick. Kurt has BIG shoes to fill in that #2 car as far as fan base goes.

The one thing he has to do to pick up some of those #2 fans, is be a Human Being.


I haven’t felt like blogging much. I am changing my house around as much as my blog. And no…I am not done with it. This blue is not soothing to me…it’s agitating. I am a purple girl…I like the water picture but that’s it. So yes… it will be going bye-bye.. I need to talk to Denise I guess and see if she can do what I want.
I found these posts about cats in a NASCAR forum. Stole them to share with you. 1. After dark, all cats are jaguars…
2. Never *ever* try to baptize a cat.
3. Cats are smarter than dogs. You cannot get a cat to pull a sled.
4. A cat knows your every thought. It doesn’t care. But it knows .
5. If I want to hear the pitter patter of little feet, I will put shoes on my cat …
6. Most people with cats, know they are being controlled.That’s the horror of it …
7. Never try to out stubborn a cat .
8. Thousands of years ago ,humans worshiped the cat . They have not forgotten this . .
9. Whenever I bathe my cat, it takes an hour to get the fur off of my tongue.
10. I prefer to live with Feline Sapiens, thank you very much.
11. Picture of a fat tabby on a couch , looking at his owner, “My species domesticated your species… “

Cat Wake-up Method
6:00 am. Cat is snoring at end of bed.
6:15 am. I make a bathroom trip.
Cat is still snoring.
6:45 am. I fall back to sleep. Cat is waking up.
6:48 am. Cat is on my pillow, staring at me.
6:49 am. Cat stare has drilled a hole in my head. I wake up, but feign unconsciousness.
6:50 am. Cat is onto me. He knows a faker. Cat meows VERY softly. I ignore cat.
6:51 am. Cat meows more loudly. I ignore cat.
6:52 am. Cat places nose in my ear and meows loudly. Eardrum ruptures. I tell cat to go wake up husband.
6:53 am. Cat approaches unsuspecting husband. Cat stares at husband intently. Husband has no cat radar, therefore continues to sleep.
6:54 am. Cat sits on husband’s chest. Husband continues sleeping.
6:55 am. Cat leans forward and meows softly. Husband sleeps on.
6:56 am. Cat meows more loudly. He is ignored.
6:57 am. Cat stands on husbands face. Husband, fearing suffocation, wakes up.
6:58 am. Husband stupidly asks, “What do you want, cat?” Cat proceeds to yank mini blinds off wall and point outside.
7:00 am. Husband lets cat out
Our old cat wakes us up all night long lately. He keeps walking on our heads and biting at our hair. Cute the first time, not so cute at 2 AM, the 10th time. We shut the door last night and he was not a happy camper for awhile. Meowed and howled for a few minutes. Tried to open the door with his paw. Stuck his whole leg under the door and did the sound he used when he is looking for us (you know the little chortle sound a mother cat uses when she calls her kittens?) and finally gave up until 5 AM.
I felt bad but JEESH, we both have enough sleep issues as it is with out Mouser.