Ryan Newman 6 month Forcast Jan.2006

Ryan Newman (male)
born on 8 Dec 1977 local time 12:00 noon
in South Bend, IN (US) U.T. 17:00
86w15, 41n41 sid. time 16:24:20

Neptune square Moon:
End of March 2005 until end of January 2007:
Under this influence you may have to contend with rather strange moods and feelings. You may feel that your hunches are extremely accurate, but be careful – the language of your unconscious mind, which is speaking rather strongly to you now, is very different from the language of the conscious mind. Your hunches may mislead you badly.
At the same time, you are more subject to outside influences now. If you are around an angry person or someone under the influence of any other intense feeling, you will feel their energy strongly. For this reason, you should avoid people who are under the influence of strong negative emotions. Your empathy is so great that you will easily become subject to their feelings. And avoid anyone who tries to control your thinking through subtle suggestions and hints, which is very likely to happen, because the thoughts they instill will seem to come from within you – another good reason for avoiding negative people.
Misunderstandings are rife under this influence.
Moods and emotions may appear and disappear with great speed. Do not take them too seriously or get too wrapped up in contemplating them, for you will only make mountains out of molehills. Even when you are disappointed about something, do not dwell on it. Your own negative emotions can be very destructive.

Saturn trine Venus:
End of August 2005 until end of May 2006:
Sometime in the last few years many relationships that were inappropriate for your life were weeded out. That process may have been quite painful, but it was necessary at the time. Now, however, the only relationships left are those that have real value in your life. You should be working on them to improve your understanding of yourself and how you relate to others. This is a time for growth relationships that expand your awareness. For this reason, you may have a relationship in which there is a considerable age difference between you and your partner. The one who is “older and wiser” may act as a guide, exposing the other, through the dynamics of the relationship, to a larger and more realistic view of the world.
Also this influence favors most business and professional relationships, because you now are able to negotiate on the basis of your real needs and self-understanding while appreciating the other person’s real needs. And since you understand the need for realism in relationships, whatever you decide on at this time will be mutually profitable.
Creativity under this influence is not stimulated or checked, but it does have greater discipline and rigor. You may be attracted to difficult and exacting techniques or involved in particularly painstaking craft forms. Anything that you make now is likely to be practical or useful.

Jupiter conjunction Uranus:
End of December 2005 until mid September 2006:
This is a time of surprises and sudden opportunities. And you will strive now for a kind of freedom you have never known before. You will seek in every way to express what it means to be young and free.
The most negative aspect of this influence is reluctance to live up to your responsibilities. Be careful that in your desire for freedom you do not let people down who are really counting on you. On the other hand, you have to strike a balance between the demands that others make on you and your need to be yourself.
At the same time, this influence arouses your idealism. You find it very hard to accept sordid or unjust conditions, either in your personal surroundings or in the outer world. For this reason you may become involved in a reform movement or group that works to change social conditions.
But this influence can work out in an entirely different manner. It may mean a sudden break or opportunity from an entirely unexpected quarter – a sudden promotion, for example, a sudden windfall or a sudden encounter with someone who proves to be beneficial to you. These are just a few of the possibilities. It is difficult to say exactly which of these might occur, because this is a very erratic influence.
Another effect of this influence is that it can open your eyes to new possibilities. Its consciousness-expanding nature can help you see situations from a totally different angle, and you may think of solutions to the problems that you have had to face. Often these will be radical solutions that you would usually be afraid of, but this influence gives you the confidence to try them.
Whatever the effects of this influence, you can expect a sudden broadening of the scope of your life and the opportunity to encounter life from a new, richer and broader perspective. This may come about through a major transforming event or through a series of minor ones that collectively have a large impact.

Jupiter conjunction Moon:
End of January 2006 until beginning of October 2006:
This is an extremely positive time. You feel emotionally secure and in touch with your feelings, which you can express clearly and honestly, both to yourself and to others. At the same time you have an enormous feeling of generosity, which enables you to give to others much more freely than usual without feeling diminished in any way. This influence relates to the nurturing function within you, the desire to protect and care for as well as the desire to be supported. You can nurture another at this time, or if you need help yourself, you will get it.
About the only negative side of this influence comes from its symbolic connection with nutrition and digestion. Psychologically, you are in a period of incorporation and assimilation, of taking into yourself whatever can nourish and support you. Obviously the physical correlate of this is gaining weight, which can happen if you are not careful. Fatty foods are especially difficult, so try to avoid them.

Neptune conjunction Ascendant:
End of March 2006 until end of January 2008:
There is a danger that you might lose sight of who you are and what your limitations are. You may expect too much of yourself, or you may think that you impress others in certain ways that are not at all true. If you feel that others like you, it may be that you are utterly unaware of certain complaints they have about you. And they may not be bothered at all by habits you think they really dislike, which you try to repress.
In relationships with others you may be inclined to play a martyr role. Stand up to people for what you believe to be your personal rights and do not pretend that things don’t bother you if they do. If you play the martyr, someone else will surely be willing to play the role of persecutor.

Uranus trine Uranus:
Mid April 2006 until end of December 2007:
Now you want your own way of thinking.
At this time you are likely to make rather significant changes in your life in order to achieve more perfect self-expression. You may be inclined to throw over an existing personal relationship in order to liberate yourself from the restrictions it imposed and to look for new relationships that will better fit your needs.

Planetary positions
Sun Sagittarius 16°30’08 10 direct
Moon Scorpio 17°54’01 09 direct
Mercury Capricorn 06°31’46 11 direct
Venus Sagittarius 05°49’31 09/10 direct
Mars Leo 11°27’04 06 direct
Jupiter Cancer 02°58’16 05 retrograde
Saturn Virgo 00°32’29 07 stationary (R)
Uranus Scorpio 14°09’43 09 direct
Neptune Sagittarius 15°52’57 10 direct
Pluto Libra 16°11’50 08 direct
True Node Libra 13°14’42 08 retrograde
House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Aquarius 20°04’51
2nd House Aries 08°54’36
3rd House Taurus 13°25’37
Imum Coeli Gemini 07°51’37
5th House Gemini 28°38’23
6th House Cancer 20°26’44
Descendant Leo 20°04’51
8th House Libra 08°54’36
9th House Scorpio 13°25’37
Medium Coeli Sagittarius 07°51’37
11th House Sagittarius 28°38’23
12th House Capricorn 20°26’44
Neptune square Moon, 30 March 2005 – 24 Jan 2007
Saturn trine Venus, 24 Aug 2005 – 29 May 2006
Jupiter conjunction Uranus, 31 Dec 2005 – 12 Sep 2006
Jupiter conjunction Moon, 28 Jan 2006 – 3 Oct 2006
Neptune conjunction Ascendant, 31 March 2006 – 25 Jan 2008
Uranus trine Uranus, 16 April 2006 – 25 Dec 2007


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