Robby and Bobsleds….

Here is a snoozin in 2005 picture of Robby. I am sure he was dreaming of winning in 2006.
So yesterday was a bad day for Robby but all hope is not lost

1 300 Peterhansel MIT 3’34’40”
2 309 Miller VW +1’12”
3 304 Roma MIT +2’20”
4 314 Schlesser SCH +4’11”
5 302 Alphand MIT +4’27”
19 335 Gordon HUMMER +35’05”

1 307 Sainz VW 13’04’57”
2 303 Kleinschmidt VW +1’28”
3 302 Alphand MIT +2’07”
4 309 Miller VW +2’16”
5 305 De Villiers VW +2’21”
44 335 Gordon HUMMER +4’21’02

and for those who are looking …BOBSLED.
If you do not know what I am talking about….then move right along now…and read the comments.



  1. Very good! Glad to see that you posted about it anyway. Your church fans need you to spread the word of NASCAR drivers in Bobsleds!!! How cool is that?

  2. this is more confusing than some of the pictures from the hubble telescope.

  3. Oh, I see now, you hid the link to my blog behind the watch video….
    Still mad I posted it first, huh? LOL!!!!

  4. No honestly that was an accident when I crashed myself…**lol** I fixed it.

  5. Lots of piccies!! Eyes hurt!! DJ is a cutie though 🙂

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