Dale Jarrett

The #1 #88 fan, Dale (who is also a big fan of one of the Names I try not to say much on my blog unless it is an emergency) wanted to know why I never post about Dale Jarrett. So I am.

We love D.J. at our house. The Dale Jarrett Foundation’s mission statement has always touched me as being very real, not just written with a lot words to make them sound nice for a tax write-off.
The Dale Jarrett Foundation, formed by Dale and Kelley Jarrett in February of 2002, is dedicated to assisting charitable causes primarily in the Catawba Valley of Western North Carolina, as well as other North Carolina and national charities. The Dale Jarrett Foundation will provide contributions and grants for the religious, physical, social and educational needs of children and families trying to cope in today’s society.” Some of the Charities they support are:
Brenner’s Children’s Hospital
American Cancer Society
Susan G. Komen Foundation
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Victory Junction Camp For Children
Project Potential

Now my Dale will be happy and Dale Jarrett can be happy and that other driver who’s picture is on the wall at the Asylum today can be happy, but best of all…

I can be happy and worship the Avatar’s and Saint’s of my choice. It’s MY CHURCH.

St. Tony rules The Church with a Smokin’ wave of wonder



  1. Nice picture of Tony!!!

  2. Nice pic? Babs is blind Clance. Take no notice. GORGEOUS pic of Tony:) She’s just jeralous that we dont have many pics of Matt 😀

    Sorry Babs.

  3. I have my own pictures of Matt and Elliott!! 😛

  4. You go, girl! All hail, St. Tony! WOO-HOO!

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