I am a freaking wonder! (not)

For those of you that are not aware of the Truth about Clance’…Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am wordpress challenged. HTML challenged…I wonder how bad I can mess the paint up on The Church. I managed to mess up the old Church building very well. I deleted an entire website accidentally once and I totally messed up my daughter and my Dale’s Infield Parking Spaces too.

I moved this over before I knew what I was doing (that cannot surprise anyone who knows me). I imported On a Quest at the same time and now it has become One with The Church. Evidently Blogger will only let you import once. Great. That means I have to do a whole bunch more sorting.

Dale and I are moving here to OR during the “NASCAR lull” between now and Vegas. We have recieved the blessing and growth opportunity of a 1075 acre ranch in the Burnt River Canyon area of OR, where we are mining. I am going to try to be consistent writing, but then again…you know me.


Watch Video:

WONDER (Natalie Merchant)

Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com



  1. ARRRRRGGGG! Where did my post go!!

  2. I mean ??!!

  3. Great. now I have done something with the speaker’s on this computer. If someone reads this before I actually get home to Idaho to my REAL computer with a REAL connection instead of this podunk one, will you let me know if there is sound on this post?

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