Robby bounces back again today!!

He is amazin….
Update from Team Dakar USA:
“An 11th place finish in the sixth stage of the 15 stage Dakar Rally has once again vaulted Team Dakar USA up in the overall classification. Gordon, who was as high as eight in the overall standings after stage three, dropped to 69th after suffering a transmission problem in stage four. Since then the duo of Gordon and Skilton have logged two stong stages and are working their way back to the top-10. Beginning the day, Gordon was in the 45th position. After today the No. 335 Hummer H3 is now four hours and 28 minutes back of the lead car of Giniel De Villiers.”

1 315 Magnaldi SCH 0:3:22:54
2 314 Schlesser SCH +2’55”
3 305 De Villiers VW +3’46”
4 303 Kleinschmidt VW +5’13”
5 302 Alphand MIT +6’02”
11 335 Gordon HUM +13’41”

1 305 De Villiers VW 16:33:58
2 307 Sainz VW +22″
3 303 Kleinschmmdit VW +34″
4 314 Schlesser SCH +1’02”
5 302 Alphand MIT +2’02”
27 335 Gordon HUM +4’28’36”


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  1. Faster Robby!! Faster!!

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