My blog buddy and freind from Texas, Bab’s, runs the local Asylum for the insane blogger’s down the road, tries hard to instruct people how to go insane the proper way. The last time I gave her a shout out I messed up the link. She has 3 very great post’s today. One on Elliot Sadler’s new look, one on Zen and one, (don’t say I didn’t warn you first) her weekly Tuesday rants and raves.
She has decided to no longer drive her insane reader’s insane with her NASCAR shared insanity. You can find her new NASCAR blog here at Bab’s NASCAR Blog. This is a very funny, very witty gal. She loves Matt Kenseth and she loves Elliot Sadler. She loves NASCAR. She is a dedicated member of The Church of the Great Oval.
In the Pits is written by a man named Tiredawg. Huge Earnhardt fan. Great writer. Funny too.
Give them a look see while I make another movie about The Alien and his baby brother, Big Baby Busch…and work on their extraterrestrial charts.



  1. Good Mornin, Thanx for the shout out. When my dumb-ass can figure how to put up links I will put yours and BABs on my page. Can you believe it? Almost time for Speedweek!!!!!!!

  2. Don’t The Alien look funny in that Miller suit??? It still doesn’t help his attitude!!!

  3. I’ve been checkin out her blog ever since I developed a Candyman jones a few weeks ago. 😉 Great site! Added her to my news feeds…

  4. Bab’s is awesome isn’t she. She is also one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever came across.

  5. Ah, shucks…thanks y’all!!
    My Kenseth duck is scheduled to arrive on Monday!!!

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