Here In The Hills

Here In The Hills
Wow!! Go take a look at this ladys cacti garden. Wow again….



  1. Clance I like the new look. It’s easier for these old eyeys of mine. Thanks for all the info on different things. You rock Clance!

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog and for the lovely compliments! And, for telling others, re: this post!

  3. I went by and visited the lady above to see her cactus and read it’s amazing story…I hope she manages to save it. My father trained a hibiscus plant to grow one story up to our porch.You have to secure them to a wall or whatever so they don’t fall over when they get top-heavy.Don’t know if this would have helped in the case of this cactus…I think I’ll keep an eye on this blog to see how the cactus does:)

  4. You have a colossal camera outfit there Clance. I want to see your stuff. Do you have a photo blog? I have seen photos on your sites and they are good. Yes, digital is way better than 35mm and no waiting for film development. I had a Nilon 35mm and it was an excellent camera. I used it in most of my newspaper photos until I took it to a firefighters water fight and they had a little water fight for the kids who thought it funny to turn the hose on me and the fire chief while we were talking. Needless to say the water destroyed my camera. The little stinkers.

  5. ‘s of you and Dad when he is slepping.
    Tell Mom I’m thinking of her and wondering how things are going. Tell her to get well too and give her a big kitty {{{hug}}}.

  6. oh…shit that comment went on my blog…weird I was commenting on Nancy’s Cat’s blog.
    Well… maybe she needed a shout out.

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