I have a little blog, mostly snippets from here, at I actually started it just because I wanted to post in their forums. I love the forum on NASCAR at Sporting News because there are a lot of not NASCAR fans that like to reply…i.e.Hockey fans, Basketball fans, Football fans, etc. They all love their Sport of Choice and there is that friendly teasing and making fun of each others sports. I laugh my guts out at some of the replies to my posts.
For instance…. (and don’t say I didn’t say this early in the year)
my post on the topic of “The next winner is???” was this:

“The Church of the Great Oval, based on Astrological Charts predicts the the 2006 Chase (**if the point system remains the same) will come down to Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon. Jimmy Johnson has some conflicting aspects in his chart again this coming season. I don’t look for Jimmy to take the championship for a couple more years, if at all. He will always be in the top 5 but…Sorry all you 48 fans, he has some astro life lessons to learn. Matt Kenseth will have a good year also. Dale JR still has some life aspects happening too. Carl Edwards may well be the NEXT Greatest Driver ever. He is destined for Greatness. Watch out for good years for Martin Truex Jr and JJ Yeley. I still have ‘scopes to do but there are the beginnings of the horoscopes that I will be predicting again this year on my site. Tally HO and JAMBO!!
A hockey fan , St Pete replied:
I am partial to billy joel……his driving skillz push him right to the top…..i feel if his pit crew fronted by jack daniels keeps him focused on his goal he will have no problems raising the bar for all that follow his lead.

Bizkilla, a lover of gambling on all sports replied to my post:
Gotta be Jeff Gordon. His fruity nature and the best pit crew in the bizness will have a rebound of a year. The gay community in Nascar favors Jeff Gordon and he will not dissapoint you guys. 24!
I then…post:
There is nothing better than posting on a board with fans of other sports to get a balanced view on NASCAR. I did a post on NASCAR and openly gay driver’s awhile back. I also loved the Billy Joel prediction. Very witty. Of course it could also be the manifestation of post- concussional syndrome from getting hit in the head by too many hockey pucks.”

There is a blog there, that I read regularly. It is hilarious, original and I sure wish I had written it. It fits right in with The Church of the Great Oval. Funnier than me. WELL! HRUMPH!! Kidding…sorta.
It is called Greg at Cup’s blog.
Greg also owns The Cup Scene Daily. He has up to the minute news on NASCAR and the very best part, pictures he has taken that you cannot find on the wire. Awesome inside pics. Too many ad’s in my view but, heck he has to support the website and the site itself is great.
What is even better? HIS BLOG. He posted a ditty on NASCAR and Mickey Mouse that is a have to read. He also did a story on Dec.29 about the The Top Ten NASCAR Stories that Didn’t really happen . Too good. Really. I love his work. RANT…rant…rant…KUDOS Greg!



  1. LMAO!!!! Loved both your post and the responses and Greg’s blog was hysterical!! Matt Kenseth as winnie the pooh!!! Love it! And the top ten stories that didn’t happen were great too! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Hey, babs –

    I’m trying to get out information about a contest that is hosting. The winner gets a trip for 4 (airfare, hotel, tickets) and more to Daytona, but I can’t see how to post on this site. Everything seems like a reply only. Can you post the info. Just trying to share the wealth with all my NASCAR friends. Thanks, DF

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