NASCAR Extraterrestrial Projections…errr… Predictions

Kurt Busch, our beloved? Extra-t-arrested-rial has still got a lot of issues to go through. I predicted last year the day before the driving incident that he needed to watch out. He should have listened. I am telling him now again to watch the p’s and q’s. Dot all your i’s. PERIOD.
The Alien takeover will not happen the road your traveling…and Roush has nothing to do with it. It isn’t going to be any better driving Rusty’s old car. Roger can’t bail you out of this. Please don’t disgrace him and the #2 sponsors. Don’t embarrass your fans again. Don’t make me keep making fun of you for stupid things. You are an intelligent Alien.
This is a long period of challeging aspects for you in your life. Heed them and things will be ok. Not smooth but ok. Don’t heed them and WHEW!! There will be a lot more embarrasing incidents than the Phoenix debacle. Better pay attention to your little Eva too. LOTS.
Stay away from Area 51.

Big Baby Kyle Busch has some issues too. (SURPRISED??) Guess what the main theme of his entire ‘scope is? You guessed it. ARROGANCY. Don’t be arrogant. Keep your ego in check. Over and over. Need I say more?
So click on the links and take a look at Extraterrestrial Horrorscopes.
KB the Alien
Big Baby Alien



  1. Hey Clance, If what you are saying is true, it just proves there isn’t any intelligent life forms out there just Assholes in Space. Sounds like a new t.v. show. Talk at ya later,peace. Dawg

  2. I like that. ROFLMAO.

  3. He’s already stuck his foot in his mouth from what I hear… Bigger Ears that is…

    “Busch and his new crew were at the 1.54-mile Atlanta track for a hastily arranged tire test, but it was more than that. This was everyone’s first chance to test out their burgeoning relationship at nearly 200 mph.

    “You could say this is like our first beer together,” Busch said, a comment that could be seen either as inappropriate (in light of what happened at Phoenix) or a cleverly inserted product placement (the No. 2 car is sponsored by Miller Lite). “

    He needs to stop trying to be funny, well because he’s not…

  4. Your right. He needs to stop pretending he is an Earthling. Give himself permission to just be who he really is so he can reall, truly…love himself in a positive and healthy way.

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