Tony Stewart’s Friday the 13th…His Guardian Angel saves him again.

The Church of the Great Oval’s Great Hero, Avatar and Oh So Holy Worshipped One, Tony Stewart, is practicing his flipping and survival skills I guess. He flipped on Wed. and he flipped again last night qualifying for the Chili Bowl. The Friday the 13th flip sent him to the hospital. He has been casted until he is able to see his own Doc’s, but the initial tests showed no breaks. So much for the Chili Bowl. Tony says “In no way should this affect my upcoming test at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, my plans to compete in the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona or my participation in Daytona Speedweeks.”
Well, we sure hope not…he’s a tough cookie. Remember the race when he was umm, too put it delicately…sick?
Any one who can finish a race in extreme heat with the stomach flu is my hero…
He would find a way to drive if the arm was broken. I would lay money on that.
I hope they gave you good drugs for the pain anyway.
I started to write get better so you can Smoke ’em…but that didn’t come out the way I meant.
Just get better Tony.

Remember these words about your DQ Guardian Angel…
Only drive as fast as she can fly…or cartwheel.



  1. test.

  2. “I started to write get better so you can Smoke ’em…” arrggg…

    You could also say Tony has entered the “Chase with a Brace”

  3. You passed your test Clance’!! A+++
    Poor Tony, I think Wendy would offer to be his personal nurse for as long as he needs. I bet his pissed he didn’t get to finish racing this weekend at the Chili Bowl.

  4. That Chili Bowl stuff is some wild racing…I am surprised she didn’t see the feed before I did. **lol**

    arrggg…is one of my favorite Pirate words Marc…**lol**
    “Chase with a brace”…that is too funny.

  5. Chase with a brace LMAO. He sure is a crazy bastard. I betcha Coach Joe was having a fit. First Tony then the ‘Skins losing. Back to looking for classic races. I already wore out three copies of Days of Thunder and two of Six Pack. What up Clance’?

  6. I didn’t know about the live feed 😦 No one told me. I dont know where to check these things. I am such a bad fan 😦

    Still, as long as Tony is okay, but yes, babs is right, I will be his onw personal, private nurse for just as long as he wants me 😀

  7. ok Wendy…I am emailing you about subscibing to feeds and RSS ok?

  8. Oh Clance’…Ms. HTML challenged…

    You are gonna be jealous!! Check out the design Denise created for me on my NASCAR blog!!!

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