Signs along the side of The Road

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I know why and sometimes I don’t. I do believe we are given a map for our journey before we start on the road tho. I think syncronicities are the road signs that tell us we on on the right path. They can also be the road signs that tell us when to turn at crossroads. Red flags tell us to stop and go a different way or turn around. I feel red flags. I don’t always listen to them, I admit. I will tell you that everytime I ignore one, I am guaranteed to discover what is was about. Always…

**{This picture is taken at Succor Creek State Park, OR. One of my “special” places I go to get my head together. It is a one hour drive from my home. It is like a mini Grand Canyon, 6 miles long.}

My Jan. 15th post about Syncronicity is a prime example of a road sign in my life…
I went to the site that was linked to Melody Beatty. It is primarily about the dangers of the drug that Dale is on. There are a lot of sites out there about Hep C and most of them are ran either by the Drug companies that manfacture the Interferon itself, or scammer’s trying to tout a “cure all” to get rich on people’s misery. The site does sell an herbal program for the disease. A very expensive program. There was a lot of dated info on Peg-Intron and Ribaviron on there. I kept reading tho…looking for what I thought was the reason that I was led to it. I trust Melody Beatty. That was the only reason I kept reading. There was nothing in there that I didn’t already know about the drugs, herbs or the disease that was new to me. UNTIL…I went into one of the links to a trial study report to the FDA. There was a person that had been in the trial that had a reaction to the drug that caused fluid retention around the lungs and heart. It also caused extreme distention of the abdomen that constricted the lungs. It could also cause congestive heart failure.

Last week Dale had been really “bloated”. He was also short of breath (that can also because because of the drop in Red and white blood cells). We were waiting for the results of his last blood tests.Sunday night the distention and bloating were terrible. Yesterday he got up and even his face, eyes and ears were swollen. His abdomen looked like he was nine months pregnant. He looked almost deformed. He had a terrible headache, and was very short of breath. I call the Hep doc’s office and her nurse said “Well I don’t know…maybe you should see his regular Dr. Those aren’t
side effects of the treatment.” BOOM! RED FLAG! BINGO!!!!Now I knew why I had been led to that site. It most certainly was a side effect. A remote chance but someone had DIED from this side effect in the trials.His primary Dr. said he has fluid built up in his abdomen that was putting pressure on his heart and lungs and that was why he was so swollen and short of breath. His heart had not been affected. He has put him on Lasix to remove the fluid. The blood tests we have been waiting for came back BEAUTIFUL. There is no sign of HCV this go round. He has went from a viral count of 350 MILLION to ZERO…to do that in twelve weeks is nothing short of miraculous. All his other counts were low but not in the perilous level. The plan is to continue the treament for the the remaining 12 weeks at this point so the chances of remission are reduced.

My belief that we are led daily when we listen, is reconfirmed.
There is nothing missing, nothing broken, nothing that is imperfect in Heaven…

Choosing to make each moment of life as meaningful as possible can help us feel more satisfied and content. When we look for meaningful experiences, we commit to making the most of our time on Earth. In our search for meaning, we naturally tend to shy away from shallow people and situations and embrace fulfilling and nurturing ones. Looking for meaningful experiences can help us spend our time more wisely to pursue our passions and interact with people we care for and who care for us. Creating a meaningful life means always being on the lookout for those circumstances that will feed our soul. When we choose to seek meaningful experiences in our life today, we may discover that living is more satisfying than ever.

One fulfilling experience can eclipse many empty moments strung together. It is not the quantity of time that matters, but the quality that we experience during each moment. Every minute is an opportunity to loveourselves and others, develop confidence and self-respect, and exhibit courage. Ultimately, quality can make life sweeter. When we focus on quality, all our life experiences can be meaningful.
Often, in the pursuit of quantity we cheat ourselves of quality. Then again, quantity also plays a significant role in our lives. Certain elements, such as hugs, kisses, abundance, and love, are best had in copious amounts that are high in quality. But faced with the choice between a single, heartfelt grin and a lifetime of empty smiles, most would, no doubt, choose the former. Ultimately, it is not how much you live or have or do, but whatwe make of each moment that counts…

Sometimes, we may find ourselves wishing we knew what our lives are going to look like or what gifts and challenges are going to be presented to us in the coming months or years. We may want to know if the relationship we’re in now will go the distance or if our goals will be realized. Perhaps we feel like we need help making a decision and we want to know which choice will work out best. We may consult psychics, tarot cards, our dreams, Holy Writings and many other sources in the hopes of finding out what the future holds. Usually, at most, we may catch glimpses. All of these can be helpful tools as long as we are looking at the whole picture and not just projecting what we wish we want. A Higher Order and Power exist, no matter what you call it. It just is.There is a Higher Truth out there with a Plan for us. Even even though we think we would like to know the whole story in all its details, the truth is that we would probably be overwhelmed and exhausted if we knew everything that is going to happen to us. That same Higher Order also protects us from ourselves.

Just think of your life as you’ve lived it up to this point. If you are like most people, you have probably done more and faced more than you could have ever imagined. If someone had told you as a child of all the jobs and relationships you would experience, along with each one’s inherent ups and downs, you would have become overwhelmed. With your head full of information about the future, you would have had a very hard time experiencing your life in the present moment, which is where everything actually happens.
In many ways, not knowing what the future has in store brings out in us the qualities we need to grow. For example, it would have been difficult to commit yourself to certain people or projects if you knew they wouldn’t ultimately work out. Yet, it was through your commitment to see them through that you experienced the lessons you needed to grow.

Looking back on your life, you would likely be hard pressed to say that anything in your past should not have happened. In fact, your most challenging experiences with their inevitable lessons may have ultimately brought you the greatest rewards. Not knowing the future keeps us just where we need to be-fully committed and in the present moment.

Everything really does happen for a reason. When we are at a Crossroad and have to make a choice, we need to look at the Road Signs of Syncronicity. All of them. Sometimes the signs are confusing. Sometimes we have to look at the signs that have been there along the way for years. Put the links together. Sometimes there was a sign that was pointing to the place you are at today, years ago. One that you had never figured out. It all comes together, eventually. We are all called to, and for, a purpose, to something in our lives.Remember synchronicity. If you have an event happen that you do not understand, take the time to ask why and then TRUST the Universe that you are always where you need to be. Right then and Right Now. Trust that you will have the answers you need. Examine all your options from that point. Make your decisions from a point of surety. Always ask “What am I supposed to learn from this?”. Sometimes you will be the vehicle for someone else’s lesson. When that happens, accept it, but remember there is also a lesson in it for you. If you are truly dedicated to your path, you will always, again, be, WHERE YOU NEED TO BE, FOR A REASON. Be grateful for all experiences that cross your path. Be truly grateful everything that has and will happen in your life. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Pay attention to the Signs on the Road.

Now, as Always, I am off…
On a Quest…




  1. Good read. You have a way with words. I agree with you except that I trust in God for my being. I am so glad that you followed that sign to the site which helped you to know that something was NOT right. I pray that Dale does well. You guys have been through so much with this. Take care and God bless.

  2. Clance you amaze me. You are an amazing woman, truly gifted and amazing.

    Creator bless you and keep you. The universe is truly a better place with you in it.


  3. Clance, I believe you and I met for a reason. I dont know that reason yet, I may never know. IT may happen without me realising. But I do know one thing. You are a VERY special lady. Always in my heart, forever in my dreams, sweet lady.

  4. Ok.. How weird is this?- As I was about to comment here, I got the email saying you commented on My post…*insert twilight zone music here* Amazing story- Glad Dale is doing better! 🙂 I have to learn to listen more to my signposts- I think it comes with being more sure of yourself..I’ll get there 🙂

  5. We have a lot of twightlight zone things in common, Mad….
    Ripple in stillwaters…where there ain’t no pebble tossed nor wind to blow
    reach out your hand, if your cup is empty
    If I knew the way I would take you home.ladadadada….dadadadadada….mmmmmhnhhhnnnnnnmmmmmm

  6. We think alike, only you are farther down the path than I.
    I did a post on the tarot card “The Fool” which kind of tells where I’m coming from.

  7. Wow, we do share many common beliefs. I think everything happens for a reason and there is some guiding hand out there too.
    You sound so similar to Caroline Myss sometimes, I’m suprised you haven’t read or heard any of her CD’s.
    I posted her latest newsletter in my quotes and stuff I like blog on Jan 16th. Myss helped me find my spirtiual side when I thought I was lost. If you ever do check her out, I recommend the CD or tape of “Spiriual Madness”. It was never writen in book form. I could listen to it over and over again.
    Anyway, it’s things like what happened with you that remind me of this and help me when I go through my own struggles to know there’s a reason. I may not know the reason at the time, but that doesn’t matter. I’m being lead by something greater than I and I follow it as best I can.

  8. I can sum some this up and say, Trust Your Gut. There is a little voice in all of us that tells you which way to go, whther there is danger around, what would be a better choice. We choose whether we want to listen or ignore this voice. I also believe if you never listen for this little voice, it will go away. There are reasons why, for example, we suddenly decide to take a different way to work, rather than an old established route. Maybe this might represent one of your “signs” that will lead to some form of change. Clance’ I don’t know if I am making sense here, but so be it….take care, hugz, Linda

  9. I know!!! It’s the karma thing like on Earl…I often wonder if I had taken a different road how my life would be today but I can’t ponder on that for long. I usually have to much to do for such long thoughts…LOL…You do write so beautifully

  10. Great post. I blogged on a similar thing awhile back, but I could never have put this so well. The road through life does give us lots of bumps, but if we miss those bumps we don’t learn what caused them or how to deal with them. Short cuts do not work in the long ranged scheme of life.

    Great post.

  11. I am glad to hear that (your hubby?) Dale is better and that you could find information you needed. I agree with and believe that we are led too. Thanks for posting this reminder– I was led to this!!!!!

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