NASCAR AstroPredictions Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson

I have finished my charting for Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson. Jeff Gordon’s chart is very complicated. I have also put together his Natal Chart explanation and personality portrait. I didn’t post his last year because I was only posting those I believed had a chance to win the Chase. This year, IF he pays attention to NO WHINING and keeps his EGO in check, he has a good shot. Seriously. That is all that will keep him down. The conflict of the good Jeff and the bad Jeff inside himself.
So the question of his year is: Can he do that or not? It is about his internal dialogues and character, which only he knows. You can be one thing on the inside and another on the outside. His inner thoughts will be either his downfall or his strength. He should probably have a long heart to heart with Tony Stewart and find out what he did internally to get himself in check. Jeff’s scope is quite long with the portrait and the 6 months forecast and conflicts… Click on the respective links to view each one. It is worth the read and very interesting.
Jimmy fans…sorry…
I have no doubt he will make the chase.
But win? NOPE. Not yet. He’s not ready…2nd maybe. No championship win tho. He is kinda destined to not be first for a couple of more years. No matter what.
Read Jimmy’s 6 month projection here.



  1. Jeffie? Not whine? Come on….

  2. I wonder if he would like some cheese with his whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

  3. Natal chart or nasal chart. Afterall he does talk through his nose.

  4. I’ve been noticing Jeff’s internal conflict for the last four years. I think you are right in suggesting he talk to Tony. Bad Jeff is scary on the track.

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