Tony Stewart cleared to race.

Tony Stewart may drive competitively in NASCAR, but his personal motoring entertainment remains in open-wheel racing. His little DQ Angel saved him twice last week in the Chili bowl. He probably has a sore arm after hitting the gear shift during the midget flip. His Dr.’s have cleared him to race the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona and for testing at Las Vegas sat the end of the month.
There is a lot of contraversy in the gabbing world as to whether Tony should even be racing in the Midget world. How can he not? It is his love.It is his fun.I think it also encourages young people with an interest in the sport to learn to race well. Let’s face it. Tony is a fabulous Driver. One of the best EVER. I believe he will continue to be at the top of the sport for years to come, as long as his little DQ Guardian Angel can fly and dodge and flip as well as he can. She’s done pretty well so far…
There are a lot of people who think Tony is not honoring his Chapionship or respecting the Gibbs Organization by putting himself in any jeopardy with the season so close. The way I look at it is, he has a good relationship with Joe and J.D. Gibbs and they are certainly used to dealing with sports ego’s. They know when to put the hammer down and when to leave it alone.
J.D. gave a statement today regarding Tony’s extra races to the Savanna Morning News: “The reality of it is, when he first started with us he did way more (races) than what he’s doing now,” Gibbs said.
Gibbs said the race team has restricted Stewart from some of his outside races in the past, but the defending Nextel Cup Series champion has reduced his schedule in the past couple years. Stewart drove at Fort Wayne, Ind., last month in a Midget race and at Tulsa. He also will drive in the 24-hour race at Daytona later this month before joining his stock car team in Las Vegas for an important test session.
“For him to go back to the local tracks where he started, we think it’s all right,” Gibbs said. “He enjoys that. It keeps him passionate about racing. His life centers around racing. It’s a matter of all of us finding a comfort level (with his schedule). We want him to enjoy what he’s doing.”
The Gibbs know where their priority’s are. I think if they thought things were going to far, they would nail him.
If he wants to bring that machine to Idaho to test, I know some awesome trails to snowmobile, snoeshoe and there is even a yurt at the end of the trail to crawl in and get warmed up. Yes , that would be a fine gift for my birthday wish list. **The MACHINE**



  1. Clance, exactly WHAT does DQ stand for?
    I am SO happy he’s been cleared to race. He LOVES racing anything. And I think the Rolex is a good challenge for him. Makes him concentrate, and think.
    Dont he look happy? 😀

    Tony would make a fine addition to MY birthday list, if I had one 🙂

  2. Clance, Let Tony do what Tony will do. We ALL KNOW a unhappy Tony means upset photographers. LOL

  3. Wendy (She live in England and is Tony’s most loyal British fan and a loyal and dedicated upstanding member of The Church) DQ is short for Dairy Queen. The Angel is DQ’s Mascaot from the 50’s. DQ is a fast food chain specializing in ice cream treats. You have heard Tony refer to those milkshakes many a time. I did a post on Tony and the owner of his local DQ on 11/29/05

  4. What the hell is a yurt?

    Glad Gibbs is letting him continue racing other races. Ya, it’s risky but so is walking down the street sometimes. Risk is a part of life and he needs to do what he loves in his off time.

  5. Thanks Clance.

    Babs, a yurt is a small hut or shelter I think.

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