Identity Crisis

I am having a blog template identity crisis…bear (bare) with me.



  1. Hey, it looks like no crisis to me…I love it! But then again I am a blue person..did you see the template Denise made for me???

  2. PS I feel like I am back in my latin class in high school (which I was never very good at,lol)

  3. Clance I am doing the same thing. My friend Stelle who does html and designs web pages is helping me. I think I found a template I like but there are so many of them it’s hard to chose. I like the colors of this one, the blues.

    Hope everthing is good with you. I think about you often.

  4. This is so pretty! Love the photo at the top!

  5. Blue is my favourite coulour. And all these blues go nicely together. I like it!

  6. This is my new blog

  7.’s so soothing….nice

  8.’s so soothing….nice

  9. I like it. The layout is good and the colors. Good job.

  10. Hi Chance

    I like your new identity.
    And I’m sorry I had your identity wrong.
    The Einstein picture on the The Church of the Great Oval throught me off.
    Einstein and I have something in common. No, I’m not a genius. We both had an abdominal aortic aneurysm.
    He died of his, I have a stent inside mine. See my January 6, 2006, blog, My Nine Lives …
    My favorite driver is Carl Edwards, mainly because I think he is a cool driver. Driving a Ford is good too. He learns the courses by a computer game when he can’t come for practice, at least once he did that.

  11. Thanks for the visit.
    I’d bring you a couple Runzas if we were going west instead of south on the way home.
    You can see I need a spell checker on commnets too (throught above).

  12. whoa…*checks blog id*…now this is different…almost lulls me into serene-ness…love the shades of bluegreens…you still trying on new templates? or you done?

  13. I was wondering when there was no post at “The Church” about Tony’s visit to the White House yesterday. I did a post on my NASCAR blog on it with a couple of pics.

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