Politics and NASCAR

I find myself once again breaking my own rule of “No Politics in The Church.”
Tony is at the White House again. OK. I am sure it is an honor for him and the Crew. I congratulate Georgedubya for remembering that Tony had been there twice before. He went outside and looked at the car and sported around with “the boyz” all chummy like. Someone even gave him the good ol’boys pat on the butt. Why not? The Prez needs to have some more fun on the public’s time. He has nothing better to do this week.

I also have a solution to the “Pacific NW needs a track dilemma”. The Washington State Legislature is busy. They have important things to do when they are in session and they do it. They have bills to pass that direct money to important things like Education, and Health Care. They just don’t see the importance of NASCAR in Washington State right now.

There is another answer for ISC.


Yes… I am saying this because I live here. Not just because I think it would be great to have a NASCAR race in Idaho in my backyard. I am saying it because unlike leader’s in Washington State, the Idaho Legislature likes to waste money. Idaho voter’s ( only a small percentage of Idaho’s citizen’s bother to vote ) don’t pay attention to what their leader’s are doing.
All ISC would have do is say NASCAR to Idaho’s who’s who and that would be that. They would probably pay for the whole track.
I can just hear it…
“JOBS!! TOURISM!! NASCAR!! NASCAR!! IDAHO in the forefront of tomorrows leader’s!! NASCAR!! ATTENTION!! ATTENTION!! Now we won’t have to pay teacher’s more than $18,000 a year to teach here. It won’t matter anymore that the Fed’s just pulled our money for Education because we failed to teach our kids and meet minimum standards!! So what if they can’t read, write or add! It ain’t hurtin em’ …Heck with seat time, WE’RE Gonna GET NASCAR!!

Butch Otter could win the Govenorship on a NASCAR platform. He’s a good ol’ boy that cares about Idaho. Dips his chew in whiskey… Really! He wasn’t driving drunk. All that garbage and waste he dumped in the river? Well, oops…thought that was part of his land. Didn’t know he couldn’t do that. Sorry EPA. I could go on ad nauseum.

I didn’t post about Tony being honored by Congress in Dec. It made me so mad that a House Bill , A LAW, that cost a lot of money was passed to honor him. Ridiculous!
Print out a freaking certificate on someones home computer, put a “Good Job!! Way to Go!!” sticker on it and have Congress autograph it. Do it on your own time and money.
I wonder, exactly how much did H. RES. 587 Congratulating Tony Stewart on winning the 2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship actually cost the taxpayers? Read it. It is a work of Literary Art.

The sun is supposed to shine today…we will get right back to our regularly scheduled program after these messages…



  1. What? They passed a house bill to honor him?
    Well, at least when Coach Gibbs said some of the guys were smacking the Pres on the ass, they were actually shaking up his 2 brain cells a little bit.

  2. Whoa, Clance, I though I was hard core Libertarian! There more about government spending to worry about than honoring the champion of a major American sport at the White House. It’s just something polititians do. For decades, World Series winners, Superbowl winners, and even Heavyweight Boxing champions have been honored at the White House. Not that I think that it’s right that taxpayers’ money should be spent on it, but it will be happening as long as it’s polictics as usual in DC. Look forward to the US Olympic medal winners at the White House, soon.

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