Kurt Busch’s Court Date

Kurt Busch is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning at 9 AM, for a pre-trail hearing .The 2004 Nextel Cup champion was belligerent and uncooperative when he was pulled over by Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies on Nov. 11 near Phoenix International Raceway, according to sheriff’s reports. A breath test and field sobriety tests confirmed Busch wasn’t drunk, but deputies issued a criminal traffic citation for reckless driving.
The reigning NASCAR Nextel Cup champion was pulled over for driving 60 mph in a 45 mph zone, swerving to avoid a car and running a stop sign last Friday night on his way back to Phoenix International Raceway. He said he was returning from dinner with his fiancee. The police report said the deputy smelled alcohol on Busch, and the driver became belligerent. “You’re only doing this because you’re a Jeff Gordon fan,” Busch was quoted as saying to the officer in the police report, released earlier in Nov. in Phoenix. He was eventually issued amisdemeanorsr citation for reckless driving. “I admit I became a bit argumentative with the officer when he continuously insisted that I submit to a field sobriety test and a breath test, which I ultimately did,” Busch said. “I later learned my (preliminary breathalyzer) test was .017. That’s consistent with an individual my size having one drink. That’s brought us to this point.”

KB (I am not going to refer to him as my favorite Alien to pick on until after tomorrow ) has recently been trying to show a little more “of the Real Kurt Busch” to gain rapport with the fans and gain a greater fan base. He has seemed a little less standoffish, has tried to joke a little and be more like one of the guys. I have to give him credit for that. He is trying…he needs hire a comedy coach, for sure. He is just not funny.

I hope he goes into court, pleads guilty and pays his fine. I hope he is completely accountable for his actions. It was a big deal to a lot of NASCAR fans. He has the opportunity tomorrow to be a role model, by admitting guilt, and accepting the consequences.
He has already paid some huge prices for his errors in judgment. He has made a lot of decisions that maybe were not the best choices for gaining a fan base. I think he may have thought that just his driving skills would do the trick. Playing the elusive, cocky young Champion don’t do the trick. Kurt has BIG shoes to fill in that #2 car as far as fan base goes.

The one thing he has to do to pick up some of those #2 fans, is be a Human Being.



  1. Or maybe buy them all a Miller Lite with a shot of Crown Royal.

  2. Probably have to do public service commericals when means we will have to see him on TV more…think I’m gonna be sick…Thank God for the mute button!!!!!

  3. I vote that he has to take Smoke 101 classes. And to quit sideways/slamming Roush when asked how his new diggs compare with his old (when interviewed on XM radio). Of course it’s different. Of course it may appear to be better, but the toes you step on today belong to the hairy tush you will have to lip-lock tomorrow. Don’t dig a hole you can’t crawl out of, Kurt….

  4. He’s on his way to Lake Speed Land

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