SCENE Daily: Roush hauler involved in fatal wreck

What a terrible ending of a wonderful day…

SCENE Daily: Roush hauler involved in fatal wreck


NASCAR Predictions and ‘Scopes for California Speedway

Whew!! This is going to be some race!! I have never in all my years of looking at aspects seen aspects like this, all together in one place for one sporting event. Like I have said all along….the entire theme Astrologically in 2006 for NASCAR is controversy.
This prediction will put to rest any possible idea’s out there that I am not fair. I swear on a stack of HOLY Books, that I did not make this up.

As above, so below…I will start with a little syncronicity:

The Gospel according to Clance’: Jeff Green – California Speedway

The Gospel according to Clance’: Dale Jarrett – California Speedway

The Gospel according to Clance’: Elliot Sadler – California Speedway

$%$#**^$ … Leave Elliot out of it….and Gordon and Jr.
That’s all I have to say about that.

The Gospel according to Clance’: Ryan Newman – Caliifornia Speedway

The Gospel according to Clance’: Jimmy Johnson – California Speedway


The Gospel according to Clance’: Tony Stewart – California Speedway

The Gospel according to Clance’: Matt Kenseth – California Speedway

Getting the picture yet? See a pattern here? I said please. Will you guys…leave Elliot out of it….and Jeff Gordon and Jr? Please.

The Gospel according to Clance’: Dale Earnhardt Jr. – California Speedway

The Gospel according to Clance’: Jeff Gordon – California Speedway

I threw these in just for something a little more on the Lighter side.

The Gospel according to Clance’: Joe Nemechek – California Speedway

The Gospel according to Clance’: Martin Truex Jr. – California Speedway

The Gospel according to Clance’: Mark Martin – California Speedway ** I expect Mark To be the Truck champ this year **

Who do I expect to win?
Don’t ever say I predict with discrimnation and favortism…EVER.
Yup…if you have read my blog for awhile then…Well…I think you know what’s coming… here.
Now go here for a post race prediction.

You can read all the Driver’s full scopes for today here.
Remember, you saw it here first.

Jeff Green – California Speedway

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Jeff Green

6 September 1962

Theme: Sore points
During this time a particular sore point of yours is disturbed, a sensitivity or vulnerability that you may not be aware of. So it may well be that you react as you have perhaps always reacted to such situations: You are distressed, hurt, you distance yourself and forget the incident as quickly as possible. If you do not react by withdrawing as you usually do, but instead show that you have been hurt, you will earn the freedom to behave differently in this, for you, typical situation. That is, of course, easier said than done, but this influence offers you an outstanding opportunity to stand far enough outside yourself to show your own injuries. If you recognize the situation in question and react to it, you will win new strength and confidence.

Joe Nemechek – California Speedway

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Joe Nemechek

26 September 1963

Theme: A fresh breeze ***
Valid during many months:
This influence stimulates your emotional life. You will experience your own feelings and allow yourself to look at the world subjectively. Your own inner feelings and your attitudes toward the world will seem as important as whatever you consider to be true or real in the external world. At this time you feel what you want to feel. This effect manifests itself in a variety of ways. First of all, you will demand more emotional satisfaction in your relationships. It will not be enough for a relationship simply to go on as it has. If your existing friendships and love relationships do not meet your needs, you will find new ones that do. Your goal is freedom of emotional self-expression and experience.
Another manifestation of this influence is that you are likely to make changes in your home environment, demanding that it too be more emotionally satisfying. At this time it is not enough that your house is adequate to keep out the rain. You want it to be as interesting and stimulating as any other aspect of your life.
As your ability to experience your inner life is stimulated, your imagination will also be stimulated. You will see how you can make your life more interesting in areas that you had never considered before. Also the intellectual and emotional functions of your mind are more unified now. This is an extremely good time for creative work, not because it directly stimulates creativity, but because it makes you see and feel from new perspectives, which gives your creative work a new freshness and innovative quality.

**Other Aspects:
Moon Conjunction Saturn, exact at 08:23

Martin Truex Jr. – California Speedway

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Martin Truex JR

29 June 1980

Theme: Just having fun
Valid during several months: This is an excellent influence for good times, entertaining and just having fun. Before you plan any hard work for this period, keep in mind that you are likely to put self- gratification and pleasure before work. You may find it difficult to put off something that you want to do in order to fulfill some duty. But this in not selfishness on your part, for you are quite capable of being generous and giving to others. You are more openly affectionate than usual and feel real love for the people around you. It is just that this aspect of your life – love, affection and pleasure – is more important to you now than work. This is a good time to party. You will derive much pleasure now.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – California Speedway

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Dale Earnhardt Jr

10 October 1974

Theme: The world as it is
Today feelings of inadequacy or futility may tempt you to avoid direct confrontations with people and even to take more devious courses of action than usual. The responsibility for such tactics lies directly on your head, so don’t be surprised if they work against your best interests. It is possible that this influence will stimulate your innate idealism, which is by no means bad and could produce a beautiful moment in your life today. But it could also make you want to reach for unrealizable goals, which is particularly discouraging in view of the low energies you probably feel. Use your common sense even about ideals, and above all, deal with the real world as it is, not as you would like it to be. You can work to make it what you want, but don’t assume that it already is.

Jeff Gordon – California Speedway

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Jeff Gordon

4 August 1971

Theme: Obstacles ***
This may be a somewhat difficult day, full of frustration and irritating occurrences. Do not plan to launch any daring or risky activity, because the chances are that you will not succeed. Your energies do not have the necessary vigor or power. It is better to concentrate upon routine activities that require you to follow a well-established pattern. Other people may seem unusually irritating to you today. They may seem to be trying to “get your goat,” or worse, to be taking actions that are quite destructive to you and your interests. You feel angry, but this influence does not often give you the opportunity to express your anger. You may be forced to seethe in silence, although it is not a good idea to let the energy just sit inside you. It can become physically destructive.

***Other Aspects:
Sun Opposition Mercury, exact at 08:35
Moon Conjunction Mars, exact at 07:42
Moon Square Jupiter, exact at 20:52

***Moon Trine Ascendant, exact at 11:11***

Moon in the 5th House, exact at 20:34
Moon Sextile Chiron, exact at 00:14