The "Other things" Mystery…

Tee hee hee…I am getting back to my usual sunshinee Self now that the sun actually has been shining for more than a day and NASCAR season is once again upon us. Plus I have to say I am getting a pretty good kick today about the news that VP Cheney Head accidently shot his hunting buddy instead of the quail that should have been flying upwards. But alas, it was a Texas quail on a Republican farm. What can I say. Maybe the sport is different for Heads of State and their monkeys.. I can come up with all sorts of stuff to post on that one. **ROFLAO**…and I am off to do just that. But first, a word from the sponsor:
I have had so many comments and e-mails about my new template and the meanings of the words in the “Other things” in my sidebars.
I answer you all now…
It must remain a mystery for you to research…it may be an ancient magical ritual…or a story from a lost language. The answer is not difficult to find. Let it drive you crazy….burn your brain until you know the answer. It is good for our brains to be stretched.
Let me know what you find out.



  1. Happy Valentines Day! God bless.

  2. Darnit now I have to go reseach those words. I enjoyed the shootout this weekend. I am a Jr. fan and second place isn’t bad. Tony in third, great, but I didn’t even know the first place guy. Guess I haven’t been wathing the races as closely as I used to.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  3. Well my first-year latin primer is history, if this is indeed latin. I know “dolor” is sad. “Lorem” I don’t know. “consequat” could be consequence. “purus” might mean pure. Vivamus must be something to do with living. of “nunc” means no, then I’ll take a guess and say “nunc vitae purus” means no clean water? Well I gave it my best shot, lets have the translation…:) Happy Valentine’s Day! *glad I’m not the only nosy one who wants to know*

  4. PS: Latin is a language
    As dead as dead can be
    It killed all the Romans
    And now it’s killing me…

    written in my latin textbook,1968

  5. LOL at Chatty’s comment!!

  6. I’m not going to even attempt to understand, just know you are always in my thoughts, happy thoughts.

  7. I know Denise knows the answer…so either she is keeping it to herself, or not reading my blog. hehehehehehehegiggle giggle!! You guys are all so funny….The answer shall come hither….

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